Menopause Fockery

What Exactly IS Menopause Fockery?

December 29, 2021 Gianna Miceli
Menopause Fockery
What Exactly IS Menopause Fockery?
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If you want to go from a mature woman to a senior woman without becoming and OLD woman, then listen to what I teach, and join my mentoring program today.

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I don't know anyone else who is a "menopause expert", trying to help women conquer this all naturally without giving up happiness and fun in their lives.

At 55 years old, I am known as a disruptor and thought-leader to 1000's of gorgeous women across the globe.

I’m also the author of five books and three "booklets"  that fully explain menopause misery and what's causing It, that doctors will NEVER tell you.

Which is why I created "The Menopause Weight Loss Library".

I'm a certified holistic detoxing health specialist, and a metabolic genius.

What is now a world class consulting empire, with clients in South Africa, Jordan, Canada, & the UK, began as a Facebook group that I created in early 2014 to inspire and empower other women to embrace a med free menopause.

How did I even end up in this unusual consulting career? I got fat, sick, and tired! 

Speaker 1:

Hello. It is Gianna . Macelli the menopause master. I know I haven't done a podcast in a while. I was doing a lot of changes to everything that I do online in every way that I help women. And I have another very comprehensive book that's about to come out called how I lost 40 pounds forever during menopause and never took, what do I call? Never took risky. H R T. It's amazing. It's just absolutely amazing. It's literally everything I did and everything that I still do soup to nuts a to Z the supplements I take and explains in detail, the reasons for everything and how I was able to master menopause without taking H R T and B H R T. So this podcast is also the launch of my newly rebranded podcast called menopause fuckery. And I don't care who it offends. I've been doing this going into my eighth year, and I've always had to be polite because you can't advertise things and I don't care anymore. I'm just going to speak how I want to , to speak. I'm going to say what I have to say, and if you like me, great. And if you don't, I don't care about that either. I'm not suffering. And if you don't wanna listen to me, you just keep suffering and thinking, doctors are the end all be all . That's going to save your life. You're gonna find out very quickly. That is not the answer. The lady that inspired this potty cast is a new gal in my program. And I wanna read you what she had to say on her intake form, because I think this is very, very true of every woman that as descends into menopause, because nobody sits you down and tells you what it's gonna be about. So she wrote my physical is all over the place. I have been overwhelmed with all the symptoms of menopause yet. I did not have a clue. It was menopause. I didn't see my mom go through any sort of menopause. I don't have friends who ever spoke of it. And I'm mostly around athletes because I coach athletes. And I am one I was told they had Hashimotos January, 2013. So that would be in her early forties. As I mentioned previously, I have packed on 30 pounds and can't drop an ounce. This hurts me physically in my sports. I basically retired and don't race anymore. And in my sight, this is where the damage is. And the reason I call this menopause fuckery and I call all of it. Menopause fuckery is that you are being lied to you are being lied by doctors. You're being lied to by society. You're being lied to by the FDA you're being lied to by the American medical association. You are being lied to by nutritionist. And what else can I throw in there? Your mother probably doesn't even know what she's talking about. Either. My mother had a hysterectomy at 42 after she was bleeding for two years, I'm not close with my mother. I did go visit her in the hospital. And why didn't you go see a doctor? And she may or may not have, and they never gave her answers, which I probably wouldn't have believed. Then when she was 42, I was 21. But now that I know what I know, I know everything my mother has ever done wrong to become so metabolically, unbalanced. And that's why she had a hysterectomy at 42. And she had gastric bypass in 1981. And she's been battling her weight all her life. That could be a topic for a whole other podcast. So I put together the top 10 menopause fuckery things that I just wanted to , uh , make it. So the gals that don't really understand what's going on. That's gonna be like a heads up of, you know, what it is or is not menopause. So one of the things is number one, unexpected weight gain. And the doctors will tell you and books will tell you because your estrogen and your progesterone are lowering. That is not the direct cause. Now that you no longer have progesterone to sweep away your uterine lining that has been prepared for conception. And now you haven't had any probably as many, many women over 40 are having epidemic levels of this alleged Hashimotos thyroid issues and adrenal problems, which are all connected. Your adrenals are stealing. Your are progesterone. And they have been for years. That is why you become overweight. And you are now living in a constant state of what we refer to as PMMS. You no longer have the progesterone to sweep it away. Your adrenals are unbalanced and you can't eat the way you used to. You have to get balanced you to lose this weight because estrogen is also carried in your fat cells. So the fat cells that women are clinging onto for fat acceptance are making you more fat. Now I go into a much greater detail about this in my book, the menopause weight loss masterclass, but that's number one. Number two is that you are , are program to belief that an arduous menstrual cycle, ah , it's just normal. It's just what you're stuck with. You're broken. It's not your fault. And there's nothing you can do about it. And those are lies as well. Your cycle should be what I like to say. Uneventful, your menopause should be uneventful. If you have , uh , what do they call the , I love how they give disorders to everything. Um, PM D D I think it's called premenstrual dysmorphic disorder. I mean, disorder. It's so funny. Disorders are everything that doctors don't know anything about nutrition about. So they give it a disorder and they give you meds to try to fix it. I cured a woman who had been suffering P M D D for 25 years, which means that for two weeks out of the month, her PMs was so out of control that her husband wanted to leave her. And it's not only her that's suffering. The husband has to live through it too, because you are gonna be and miserable and uncomfortable and unex and unfun and UN flirty. And when she got started working with me, she had just had her cycle. Her next cycle came through weeks later. And I got the most mind blowing email from her that no doctor ever been able to cure her. And all we did was assess her toxins and change up her nutrition. And in three weeks that disorder was gone. So it's not normal to have an arduous menopause. Uh, if you're getting those serious, serious cramps, you may have blood clots left behind. If your thyroid isn't working optimally, because your thyroid controls your men, you may not be evacuating all the blood. And that's how you start to get fibroids that build up that can turn into cancer. And then you end up with an unnecessary hysterectomy. So there's a lot of details to learn about this stuff. Number three is that hot flashes can be cured with H R T or B H R T. There are some women that claim this happened. There are a gazillion more women that claim this did not happen. And they were told it would. And then the gals who say that it did well might have dissipated their hot flashes, but now they're 50 pounds overweight. The hot flashes are a tough one. I believe that hot flashes like mine even nine years, post menopause are still activated. If I have alcohol or if I have fatty foods, but for the most part 99.9% of the day, I don't have of them. And I think it's because I'm very metabolically balanced. And how do you know you're metabolically balanced Gianna ? Well, this is something that I do. If you start to work with me, we work together over five days, you take some readings and some testings. You send me the information and I am going to give you the most mind blowing , metabolic health analysis that you've ever had and nothing that your doctor has ever done for you. That ladies is my zone of genius. Number four is that you are so tired. You can't get out of bed and it's the fault of menopause. No, it's not. It is the fault of your nutrition, your lack nutrition, your nutrition is depleting. You, your coffee drinking is depleting. You smoking is depleting. You taking birth control is depleting. You poor gut health is depleting. You where energy comes from is the correct vitamins and mineral nutrients. It comes from your electrolytes and it comes from your gut health. Being able to properly process the nutrition that you eat. So if you fix that, I guarantee you'll be able to get out of bed. The same thing happened to me when this first hit me, I was so tired that I could barely get out of bed. And I was just in so much fear for my future, because how is I going to take care of myself? If I could not go to work, I am an unmarried person. I do not have parents that would help me. And I'm not going to inherit any money. I have to work. Number six of the top 10 menopause, things is that when you go to a doctor for these symptoms, you'll get five minutes of their time. If you're lucky and all they do is prescribe meds for you. They never explain anything to you. They never get to the root cause of the symptoms. And listen to me, they're literally giving you meds, throwing at the wall and seeing what helps you. They have no guarantee because everybody's metabolics are different. And then these drugs come with another slew of symptoms that they're not even gonna fully explain to you. So none of that is very helpful. And the true way to fix this is learning and understanding what nutrition, how nutrition affects all of those symptoms. And I go through that in the menopause weight loss masterclass book, number seven is menopause fuckery . That it's the end of you being sexy. Yeah. When I got my first hot flush at 43, I was 40 pounds overweight. I had already been trying for two years to get this weight off and nothing I did would make this weight, bud. And I thought I was just going to have to accept being a frumpy middle aged woman. And I was only 43. I was a very young 43, and I did not think of myself as middle aged I do now, but I'm still a sexy middle aged woman . But at 43, I was still in the zone that I was like still 30 years old. And that's how I felt. That's how I looked before I got fat. That's the life I wanted to have, not like a wildlife, but just not being an old lady is not in my future. Number eight of menopause fuckery is that it's the end of wearing shorts or a bathing suit. No , my ladies, you can aspire for that. You can create that body. You can shape that body. You can sculpt that body. If you're willing to attain the knowledge, change your lifestyle. And you're going to have to get a little bit active and dare I say, if depends on, you know, what you wanna look like, you might have to do some resistance training with , I really, really enjoy. It's like my most Zen time of the day. I don't wanna ever miss a workout number nine, that you'll never be happy again, because you're constantly miserable in your body. You don't like when you look at yourself in the mirror, you have to get up and shower every day . Then you go into your closet to try to get dressed and your favorite clothes, no longer fit. And you're just kind of knocked down to stretchy pants, long sleeve shirts, things that cover your, things that cover your belly. And when you bend over to zip up your boots or tie your shoes, that belly is hanging over your waist and you just feel gross. And then you have to go around and do whatever you do all day, whether you work or your stay home mom or whatever it is that you do in tight binding clothes, because you're are not gonna go out and buy a bigger size. Hopefully you still have the hope that one day, you're gonna figure out how to get this weight off. And you're going to get back into your cute clothes. And number 10 of menopause fuckery things is that your husband may leave you because he is sick of your shed. Now I know this isn't fair and you kind of didn't do anything to bring this on, but you are the only person who can reverse it. And you can only reverse this by what you eat. None of these pills, slim fast , none of this weird death, not starvation, none of that stuff is going to reverse your arduous menopause experience. So if you wanna do what I did, which was get to the root cause. And luckily I ran into a doctor, it was a woman doctor who put me on the right path, discussing my metabolic, who had ever her of these . I'm like , wow, what is that? And the first week that I did what that woman told me, I lost seven pounds. Now I know a lot of it was water, but how exciting is it to see the needle on the scale move after four years? And then I was on my way and I was just feverishly researching and searching and researching her information. And I feel so lucky. And I seriously feel I've been touched by the hand of God, that this insane niche that I have found to help women with is where I'm supposed to be and what I'm supposed to be doing. Nobody talks about what I talk about and nobody assesses the situation. The way that I do. I have been very lucky that I have four amazing natural path mentors, and I wanted to go to natural path school. And they said to me, Gianna , don't waste your time. We can teach you so much more. Now, do I want that doctor title in front of my name? I do. I would love that, but do I wanna spend four years and $20,000 and all the time, cuz you have to actually go to school. You can't do it online. If I'm not going to learn everything that I needed to learn to help you and help women as I do today, you know, I made the decision not to go to school, but that doesn't mean that my learning never stops because they're is so much information free on the internet. And there's so much great information from these doctors that already did the doctor work. And they figured out things by servicing thousands of patients and I, and do you get to benefit from my hours and hours and hours of reading their books, listening to their podcasts, reading their interviews, reading physiology books. I actually read Cornell physiology books. And there's ladies that wanna argue with me, oh, this is just your opinion. No, this is Cornell physiology books. This is the books that doctors learn from. And I threw into bonus menopause, fuckery things just cuz I couldn't contain my list to only 10. The next one is that being overwhelmed is your new state of mind. And it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, that is the worst thing for you because if you are stressed, you're body is gonna be releasing cortisol all the time. Cortisol is your mortal enemy. Now that you're over 40 cortisol is your mortal enemy. Now that you're entering menopause, you have got to learn to calm yourself and to eliminate physical and mental stress. Or you're never going to get this weight off. Cortisol is robbing your per JustOne. What little you have cortisol is running your adrenals. And if you don't get this fixed, you're never going to lose weight. And then number 12 of my bonus, and I'm gonna say this and maybe somebody listening to this, isn't going to like it, but I'm going to say it that letting your hair go gray is the thing to do well , we're all doing it. No we're not. And will make you feel pretty. I think it is so ugly. And even when you see ladies that have kind of that pretty gray hair, that is not their natural hair, that is still a dye job. And it might be less time consuming than getting your roots done every four weeks or six weeks or wherever you're at. I don't mind getting my hair colored. It's really not a big deal. It's the nice relaxing time where someone gets to take care of me. I will never ever go with this gray stuff. It is so hideous and I don't understand how women just let themselves go. Your husband's hate it. They cannot tell you to your face that it's ugly and they're no longer attracted to you, but you know what they do. They email me, they email me on LinkedIn. They email me on Instagram. They email me on Facebook. They wish I would do something about it. They say, please friend, my wife, she needs what you have to offer. And you know, it's a, a delicate situation . I cannot go to ladies. Hi. I love to help you with your fat and ugliness. You know, I can't do that. You have to find me out there in the universe, through the law of attraction and hopefully you read or listen to what I have to say. And you're interested in learning further about how I help women. I have a 90 day pro Graham and I have a menopause membership. It's a monthly, a very inexpensive monthly membership site. And so , uh, it depends on the level of help that you need, that you might need the program or you might just be comfortable with the membership. And what I do is provide you with everything that I use, all the supplements that I love and use, I purchase them at wholesale prices and I pass the savings on to you. That's part of the membership. You get to ask me questions and keep in touch with me , uh , through text and email, like all the time I send you inspirational so that you stay reminded that you are fabulous. You are worthy, you are working on a goal and that someone is out there supporting you every single day. That is what the membership is for because the reason women fall off the wagon, so to speak is that they get tied up in their married lives in their family lives and you will lose yourself. If you don't keep taking care of yourself, I'm sure you've heard that phrase. You can't pour from an empty cup and you allow yourself to get emptied. And it's kind of like a martyr syndrome. Oh, I'm taking care of you and the kids in this. And I have a friend who's a , a new grandma this year and, and she had been trying to launch a business. And I said to her this week, if you want me to help you, I'm happy to help you. But you have to tell everyone you are not available. You're not available for drives rides places. You're not available for babysitting. You're not available for doctors visits. You need a week to yourself to get your business together , tie up the loose ends and launch it. I don't think she's doing it this week. Cuz today she had to take her mother somewhere. But uh, you have to do things for yourself and you have to take care of yourself or this is never going to go away. And it is going to lead to prescriptions. What I call medical enslavement, you are just going to live the rest of your days in this new, normal of misery when you could be feeling so good about yourself and love what you see in the mirror and get real results that you're not getting from doctors. You're not getting it from dieting. You're not getting it from trainers because none of those things ever get to the root cause . And that's what I spent six years , uh , four years and then I implemented it. And then as I found my success, I started to share this online and started helping ladies. And so it just has been evolving over the last eight years. I'm going into, I can't remember if it's my eighth or ninth year that I'm going into this, that I've been helping late. And I absolutely love it. The success rate is very high because it's scientific physiology. There's not a guessing game. I like to say that the doctors play poker with you, they're guessing, and they're bluffing. I play chest with you. I am five moves ahead of this meta hos misery because I researched it to the root cause. And every day it's a lifestyle. Every day I do what it takes nutritionally and exercise wise and mentally to be in my most

Speaker 2:

Zen place and love what I see in the mirror. And I am turning 55 in four months and that is just mind blowing to me because I still feel like if I probably feel like 35, I could still go out to a club and dance. If there were any good clubs to dance, I feel like I should date younger men because men, my age are too old and slow and boring. And um , here where I live in Vegas, they have a lot of over 55 communities. So I guess in four months I could move to one of those, but I don't want to. I enjoy the city life. I enjoy everything that Las Vegas has to offer. I enjoy going out and I take advantage of all of that. And if I wasn't on point with my health, I not be living that life and having a good time. So if you would like more information about how I can help you please go to www dot, join and wherever you're listening to this. I'm sure my website is in the description. Um, this podcast goes everywhere. Uh , just set up a free coaching call. Let's talk about you and see how I help you. Thank you so much for listening and please share this podcast and please give it a rating that helps me in the algorithm.