Menopause Fockery

Missing These Minerals Causes A Miserable Menopause!

September 08, 2021 Gianna Miceli
Menopause Fockery
Missing These Minerals Causes A Miserable Menopause!
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If you want to go from a mature woman to a senior woman without becoming and OLD woman, then listen to what I teach, and join my mentoring program today.

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I don't know anyone else who is a "menopause expert", trying to help women conquer this all naturally without giving up happiness and fun in their lives.

At 55 years old, I am known as a disruptor and thought-leader to 1000's of gorgeous women across the globe.

I’m also the author of five books and three "booklets"  that fully explain menopause misery and what's causing It, that doctors will NEVER tell you.

Which is why I created "The Menopause Weight Loss Library".

I'm a certified holistic detoxing health specialist, and a metabolic genius.

What is now a world class consulting empire, with clients in South Africa, Jordan, Canada, & the UK, began as a Facebook group that I created in early 2014 to inspire and empower other women to embrace a med free menopause.

How did I even end up in this unusual consulting career? I got fat, sick, and tired! 

Speaker 1:

Hello ladies. It's Jianna here. I wanted to make this very quick podcast to talk about what is it that I do? First thing I wake up in the morning that is so central to how I'm going to feel for the rest of the day that you need to know this information and you should not be missing out on this because you know, you already know me. So it's so beneficial to you. There's this couple on this friend of mine has a radio show and they sell a weight loss system. That's 88 days,

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Specifically 88 days, which I think is just a gimmick. And because , you know, 90 days is too random and they're big secret

Speaker 1:

Sauce is they talk about cellular hydration and I'm like, well, what is cellular hydration? And I would put it in Google and I really couldn't find anything on it. Obviously someone's paying them $10,000 for this information because they've been on my friend's radio show for like six months, but I find them to be wacky and I signed up for a consultation from them and it's not structured. And they don't like ask you any questions about yourself. It's pretty much we can help you using cellular hydration just past $10,000 or so, of course I didn't sign up for that. I just kept looking and I couldn't find anything. And then one day, one of my mentors sent out his newsletter and I got this newsletter and I was like, oh my God, this is the secret sauce he's talking about. Cellular hydration. This has got to be what it is. So while I had some knowledge about what I'm about to tell you, I didn't know it as in-depth, as I'm about to share with you. And now that I know it, I'm super excited that I know it and that I am taking this product every day, because listen to what it does. We all know that the cardiovascular system is responsible for pumping blood and oxygen through our body, right? And we know the endocrine system manages the hormones and we know the nervous system relays messages throughout your body. So of course, those things have to work underneath all these systems is an astoundingly complex electrical system. This electrical system is what's busy sending an uncountable billions numbers of messages to your muscle, to your bones, to your brains and to yourselves . It's literally the reason that your body works and what makes this work is electrical lights, hence the electrical system. But I don't want you to think, okay, Gianna , just tell me about electrolytes. Let me run to seven 11 and stock up on Gatorade because I don't want you to stock up on Gatorade. So in simple terms, electrolytes are conductive minerals that ensure the body's electrical system functions at, as it should be. They got the negative and the positive. They have the potassium and the sodium, and they have to be balanced. And without electrolytes, the muscles could not contract, including your heart. Your respiratory system would not work. And eventually your body would shut down system by system, which happened to my father. That is how my father died. It stands to reason that keeping your body well supplied with these vital minerals is a crucial part to not just maintaining your health, but we're looking for optimal health. We are old ladies that want to young. At least I feel that way. I hope that's your attraction to my information. So often in these menopause groups on Facebook, I see women that think every single thing wrong with them, everything that could be considered a medical symptom or a malaise, as I like to say is due to the menopause. And therefore they can't do anything about it. So this is why I'm on my soap box. It's not the menopause, it's the metabolic. So these deficiencies show up in the form of irregular heartbeat, a fast heart rate, fatigue and lethargic convulsions, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, muscle cramping, muscle weakness, air stability , sound familiar, confusion, sound familiar, menopause, ladies , headaches and numbness and tingling. So the way the electrical system works is there's the electrolytes. There's the cations. Those are positive. The [inaudible] are negative and they just all have to be balanced. I could tell you all the complexities, but I'm sure that that is not what you're interested in. So the best examples of how the body's electrical system works is in this Siler hydration. I do want you to understand the very specifics of cellular hydration. Water moves through the membrane of yourselves through assmosis think of it like when it rains on the leaf of a tree, the leaf has the membranes going through it. And without the membrane, the part that's, the actual leaf would not be getting nourished because that's the same way it works. It works through us Moses . And that can only happen when there is a proper differential between the osmotic pressure of the water inside and outside of the Seiler membrane. So sodium is the most common electrolyte it's found in table salt, which is no longer like table salt of yesterday. It's been cleaned out of everything fabulous for you, which is why I recommend old-fashioned pink, Himalayan salt, because this sodium chloride electrically adjusts , this us modic pressure and enables cellular hydration to take place. So simply put without the sodium, your cells will not be able to absorb moisture regardless of how much water you drink. You can drink the water, but it's not being absorbed. Okay? You with me so far now, some further functions of electrolytes in your system is the basic principle of the electrical charges between and around the south, that facilitates hundreds of biological functions. You are not medically defective. You're just not getting optimal nutrition. One of the most significant functions is facilitating the nerve impulses to fire specifically to your muscles. Without these charged electrolytes, balancing the system, along with sufficient water, the nerve impulses cannot make it to their ultimate destination and you will suffer cramping, weakness, and a lack of coordination. And I know so many people that think they're weak and uncoordinated just because they're getting older. And so some further functions of the electrolytes include potassium. That is how you get cellular homeostasis and calcium. Now, when we think of calcium, we think of milk and maintaining healthy bones. And we knew, we know we need this because we're old ladies and our bones are the most important thing because statistically, once a woman breaks her hip, she dies. It's horrific to think of, but those are the statistics. Her bones are so weak and brittle that she does not recover. So while bones are the primary reservoir for calcium in the body, this electrolyte performs many critical functions in your system. It is the conduction of nerve impulses, muscular contraction messaging between solves . And I want you to really pay attention to this one, regulating cellular metabolization of glycogen, regulating cellular metabolization of glycogen. Because when that does not happen, that is a reason that you get and stay fat. So it's just these small little things, minerals, potassium, calcium, magnesium, that helps you get rid of the fat. Now beyond direct cellular function, magnesium is involved in hundreds of enzymatic reactions throughout your body. And along with the electrolytes, magnesium is critical for proper nerve function, muscular contraction, and the formation of ATP. And that is the compound created from the glucose. The glycogen that is directly used for energy. If you are tired, there are reasons for this. This is something so small that you could start with right in the morning instead of coffee. You know, I want you off coffee, which if you don't know why I want you off coffee, let me know. And I'll send you my coffee video with the rise of industrialized foods. We have lost touch with natural electrolytes. And so we lose electrolytes also through sweating urinating and other forms of fluid loss. If you're an athlete and you live in warmer climates, you are more likely to lose electrolytes. So it's really critical that you, my darling, fantastic women over 40 are taking care of this micro nutrition for your system and what it's going to do for you. This product I am telling you about right now, the electrolytes increased muscular strength. Just today. I hit a PR of 15 on my shoulder presses with my bands. My bands are very hard. I could only do like five. When I first started a year ago today I did 15 and it blasts my arms. I it's like the only exercise I even need to do for my upper body. They are blasted increased speed focus and Durance and reduce risk of heat stroke. I could use that living in Vegas. So what you can do about it is take these electrolytes. First thing in the morning, they do contain amino acids. Now I take amino acids in addition to the ones that come in the electrolyte . But the reason that the creator of this formula puts the amino acids in it , because this is a super, super power benefit to the synergy to improve overall hydration and performance. So perfect amino electrolytes is the ideal solution to start your day. If you feel tired, it's because, well, it could be for many reasons, but you're just not getting the right nutrition. If you need coffee, you need nutrition. So if this isn't working for you, you need to tell me Jianna something's going on and let's break it down. I will ask you questions. I will look at your metabolic health and we'll figure out what's going on with you. That is my zone of genius. So if you're just hearing this on one of my random podcasts and you're like, what is she talking about? And how can I be a part of it? All you need to do is go to join. Jianna J O I N G I a N N a joined to join the membership. And I can help you out just like a help. My other ladies, we're going to figure out what's missing in your metabolic imbalance that you need to become sexy and fabulous and energized and get optimal health. And have what I like to say is an uneventful menopause experience. Thank you so much for listening. Please subscribe. Please leave a review about my podcast on iTunes. That helps my algorithm. And please let me know if you have any questions about what I shared with you today.