Menopause Fockery

Did Your OB/GYN Or GP Lie To You About Your HRT? Possibly!!

January 26, 2021 Gianna Miceli
Menopause Fockery
Did Your OB/GYN Or GP Lie To You About Your HRT? Possibly!!
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Speaker 1:

Hello ladies, this is Jenna Maselli. Thank you so much for listening to my show. Oh, today, what am I going to talk about today? I'm out of here my mind, and I'm so sorry. I want to talk about how doctors lie and I know it's absolutely mind blowing to think that they do, but they do. And I am trying so hard to be proven wrong and I just have to laugh when I am proven. Right? So Casey point, I have a little, like, we have a little cafe area in the high rise I live in in Florida. And, um, some people go down there. It's like a, it's almost like a Starbucks replica of this very exotic coffee machine that gives you every coffee and tea latte drink on the planet. And it's really nice. So there's always someone down there to chat with. And I began chatting with the neighbor and when she found out what I do her face just drop, which was really funny. She opened up a discussion of how she is 65 years old. And she has been on hormone replacement therapy for 15 years. And I'm sure she probably then saw the look on my face because it was just a natural reaction to be like, you know? And so I asked her to tell me about that. And eventually this is how the story went, right? How, you know, at 50, she went through menopause and she got put on, I don't remember the exact, you know, formula for her hormone replacement therapy. Cause there's a lot of different formulas, but she went to one doctor and of course they have to quote unquote, adjust your prescription because they can never, ever prescribe meds that do what real hormones do. And that is discussed in my free guide, 10 stupid things women do to create menopause misery. That is an amazing guide to help you understand how the hormones work and how to achieve hormone balance and things that you're doing wrong. It's just like a, you know, it's like a 21 page guide. It's fantastic. Then she went to a different doctor. So, well doctor number one, she was with for a couple of years, well, more than a couple of years, but she ended up moving down to Florida. So she had to get a new one. And what does lay person know about without a prescription? You know, and I don't know if she gets creams or pills or whatever, but when she went to doctor number two, yes. And he was able to look at her information. He said to her, this is such a small prescription that it's like, non-existent like, you're not even really taking anything. And I was like, wow, that is pretty crazy. So number one, she feels scammed. Of course, of course. But number two is something that I have talking about for awhile is that I think a lot of the gals who think they're doing great on their hormone replacement therapy, it's because something's going on like this situation, like maybe the prescription is so low that it's, it's meaningless and I'm telling you, I'm trying not to be right. But I really am right all the time. I have to laugh. If you understand how hormones work, they worked as a feedback loop and there's many factors involved the messaging center, which is your gut health, how the message gets sent out. If things are interfering with that message, you know, like when it's just like making a phone call, you know, if you listened to podcast number 51, it'll explain that or just get the guide. The guide is free on my website. It's works like that. Like the messages go out and when the feedback loop is complete, it stopped sending the message. There is no prescription that can make that happen. It cannot be replaced by human physiology. And I swear to God when I see these ladies in Facebook groups that think, Oh, it's just wonderful for me. I can't live without it. And here, this lady was the first sentence she said to me, I can't live without it. And then she found out she wasn't even on it. You know? So doctors do lie now, why do they lie? I knows how much this prescription costs, who knows what the doctor's making from this. But I can tell you, I could have told you on other podcasts, it's a very, very intricate system of lobbyists. It is the highest spending per capita of a lobby in the history of the world. In the United States. No industry spends more money than the pharmaceutical lobbyists lobbying our people, our Congress, people getting these things done. And it's no wonder that they're just trying to get natural remedies, shut off, shut down, shut up. And then the thing I ask when I'm in these groups and I see ladies like talking about how they can't live without this, I go look at their photo and I'll be very honest with you. I do. I want to see, is this still an overweight? Some are, some are mostly, they are. And there's ladies that are okay with their size and that's fine for them. But being overweight, your fat cells produce more estrogen. It makes you more estrogen dominant. It raises your risk for breast cancer. So it's just not good. Not to mention it two diabetes and many other things that go along with the inflammation of being overweight. But show me the woman who's taking hormone replacement therapy and she's flawless, like just has philology perfect health. Because sometimes when these ladies say it, I will go to the group and I will put their name in the search. And I will see all the comments that they made and a hundred percent of the time, they are also complaining about things and asking questions. And so I will say to you with my hand to God and on the life of my wonderful, beautiful daughter, my little doggie sitting next to me, my hand to God, I don't have a single health complaint. I don't complain about my weight. My weight is good. I feel amazing. My hot flashes are minuscule like minuscule and I don't take any drugs. And I never did. I supplement very mildly. I wouldn't even call it a lot. Like Suzanne Somers takes like literally 60 supplements a day. I don't take that many. It's minimal supplementation supplementation. And if you get my guide and you get my books and things like that, I think things will make a whole lot more sense to you when you understand, because every woman writes me, what can I take for this? It's all in the groups. What can I take? What can I take? What can I take for this or that? Instead of asking the question that I asked, which was, why is this happening to me? Why is this symptom and this symptom and this symptom happening to me, which is how I ended up researching the root cause and the Genesis of hormone replacement therapy, which is abhorrent, which has revealed in my first book, why American women are so fat, sick, tired, and angry. And I'm going to leave you off with this. It's a quick podcast today. Right now, I'm looking at a lady in a menopause group and ladies, I'm sorry, you're making me crazy because the things that they think is menopause related, I just don't understand. It's like they've lost their freaking minds. This lady says, just curious, is dry chapped, peeling lips, another symptom, a symptom of menopause. I mean, how so? Even if you are not knowledgeable about physiology, on what planet is your hormones lowering? Dry lips are a symptom of that. I just don't get it. It's just mind blowing to me. And there might be like some other one I'm scanning the group here. I'm having a bit of an issue, eating enough protein and calories. So eat more. Well. How is that an issue just eat when you're hungry, your body will tell you what it needs when you're hungry. If you can tune in to your true, true, true hunger, that's the best way that you're going to fix these things. So if this is something you would like help with, this is my zone of I am the menopause master and what I do for you that no one else does. I swear to God, no one else does because I did not learn what I do from a school or a certification. I was so fortunate to find four natural path mentors and three of them in their seventies still do iron man triathlons. And then I got something different from each one that is so specialized in their modalities that I am so blessed. And I know the hand of God has touched me in like, Jianna, this is the work you're going to do because I will do this until I draw my last breath. I do not seek out anything greater to do. I love helping women so much. So if you would like to get started working with me, what I do is help you find your fat loss blocks. Like what is lacking in your metabolic processes that is giving you menopause misery and keeping you from losing weight. And you will understand this so much more when you get my guide, the 10 stupid things women do to create menopause misery, you will understand hormone balance. Like no doctor will answer this question for you. And I seriously doubt that they can, there is no person in these menopause groups that will give you the answer that is in this 21 page freaking phenomenal guide. And it is free on my website. You can get this by going to master It's super, super easy. You give me your email. It gets sent to your email. It is a great exchange. And you will understand I'll take you 15 to 20 minutes to read it. And if you like what you see and read there and you want to work with me further, then there's a link there to tell you how to move forward. I'm only looking for ladies that are done with silliness, that weren't to seek optimal and true health and really take hold of this problem once and for all. And you're right, all done with silliness. And what can I take for this? Can I take for that? And you have finally reached the point that you're like, I want to fix this from the roof because once and for all. So thank you so much. I'm hitting 11 minutes today. Thank you for listening to my point. Yes. Please share it with anyone that you know, that it helps me in the algorithm. I would love if you're on listening on iTunes to leave me a fantastic review. And I put out a podcast every Monday.