Menopause Fockery

Why Do I Say American Women Are So Fat, Sick, Tired, & Angry.

June 16, 2020 Gianna Miceli
Menopause Fockery
Why Do I Say American Women Are So Fat, Sick, Tired, & Angry.
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This episode is breaking down the specifics of what I'm referring to when I say, American women are so fat, sick, tired, & angry. 

This is a case study from a woman that came to me for help, didn't like what she heard, and then blasted me for telling her the truth. 

Your body is telling you that it is sick long before your doctor will, and you have all the power to stop it before you even need your doctor.--- Support this podcast: 

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How did I even end up in this unusual consulting career? I got fat, sick, and tired!


Speaker 1:

So the big question is this, how do women over 40 and 50 prevent a miserable menopause lose weight? That seems impossible to lose curb or dissipate. The 34 miserable symptoms that come with it. Get back to sleep. Get our emotions in check and get back to feeling sexy and just freaking normal. Again. Hi, I'm Jenna, miss Sally, and it took me four years and $18,000 to solve this problem. Most women go to the doctor for this, and that's the biggest mistake you can make. You don't want to become medically enslaved and you don't want to waste your time at the gym. Those are the questions, and this is the podcast that will give you the answers. Welcome to the Jianna Maselli, sexy and fabulous show where I talk about everything going on with women over 40. Hey, welcome to the Jianna Maselli, sexy and fabulous show. I want to give you today. Um, I like to show you and tell you what's going on with ladies because ladies , uh, I would like to call it like a case study because ladies think that it's really just the weight they need to lose until they take my health consult and go through my assessments. And I like to open up their eyes that it's so much more. So let's do a quick rundown of a gal that contacted me. She is like , um, let's see, she is five, three and 166 pounds. And she does not think she's overweight. She wrote that. I'm a , I ask a question, how miserable you on a scale of one to 10? And she said, I'm really not that miserable. I just feel drained and want to tone a five, three, one 66 gals who are five, three should weigh about 115 pounds, you know , maybe 120 , 125, depending on their muscle tone. But , um , nowhere is one 66, a gal that does not need to lose weight. And it's funny because when she took the initial health consult, she did not think she needed to lose weight and I get it, you know, maybe in the beginning you don't want to be. So, you know, it's embarrassing. And , and, and that's why I keep these things very private. It is embarrassing. Um, so let's go through some things that this girl wrote on the health consult. She drinks alcohol a couple times of week. She drinks coffee , uh , she drinks something called Celsius in the am. I had to look it up and it's an energy drink and she drinks diet soda. So right there, right there, boom, boom, boom, lots and lots of problems. That's zero nutrition. It is definitely not helpful for a woman 49 years old. Um, she says, what'd you eat in the last two days, be truthful. She said, I had Celsius for breakfast and a banana and some grain Graham crackers, zero nutrition. She had a Turkey wrap with a slice of pepper, Jack cheese, low fat Mayo pickles, and zero nutrition for dinner. She had pesto, grilled chicken and some peas and a little Mac and cheese with a salad and two smores after dinner. That's a lot of crap in my opinion, and zeros zero nutrition. And you might think, well, she had chicken, well, you know, chickens , a protein, but it really doesn't. Um, it doesn't have a lot of bang for the buck for nutrition. And , um , I said, does your energy fall in the afternoon? And she said, it depends on whether or not I take Adderall. You know, I did not know that adults were even really on Adderall, but she probably got it from a doctor to help her lose weight. So , um, let's see some other questions that I ask , um, do you have digestive issues? No, she , but she's constipated most of the time and those would be related now constipated, most of the time, that's really a very, very huge sign that your metabolic processes are not working. You should be eliminating this stuff. You know, everything that doesn't get eliminated ends up sitting in your colon and it is toxins. And so those toxins go into your colon. They're going to go into your blood through the wrong avenues and you are going to have yourself an auto-immune disorder pretty quickly. And then here's all the stuff that she takes a multivitamin ashwagandha, renew, glow , something called [inaudible] , and glucomannan burns 60 water rec CLA L-carnitine, APA Trex , collagen and ACV gummies. And I can assure you that those ACV gummies are not going to do anything with you, but you see she's taken all these things. And probably with the hopes that these supplements are going to combat a really poor menu as I described too . And then I'm going to ask her what medical issues do you have? She has anxiety, anxiety stems from gut dysbiosis. Your vagus nerve connects your gut to your brain. And most of anxiety is from poor gut health. And then she constantly has UTI. But remember the girl said she's not really sick. She just wants to lose a little bit of weight and tone up constant UTIs means you have bacteria are constantly in that area. So that is really bad. I bet for sure that this gal has candy depths . She's also on birth control, especially at that age. She's 49. Um, birth control will keep you from absorbing your nutrients properly, especially your B vitamins, and that will contribute to you being exhausted, exhausted. And that's one of the reasons my book is called why American women are fat, sick, tired, and angry. And I believe that this gal is a great representation of that. Um, she also had her gallbladder removed. The purpose of the gallbladder is to process fat. So that's another metabolic process that is not working optimally. Oh, and she's been on depo Provera for 19 years.

Speaker 2:

Oh , ladies, ladies, ladies, when you,

Speaker 1:

You take birth control for all this time, you are tricking mother nature and mother nature really knows what she's doing. Um, you're you think you might be doing something good, but you're really just messing with the way things are supposed to be the way things are normal. And so now that this is a 49 year old woman, that's now her body knows she's running out of eggs, her estrogen and her progesterone have changed. I guarantee you she's lost a lot of progesterone , um, because of the Deborah Provera. And that is a, it's a fat burning hormone that metabolizes fat and carbohydrates. And so, you know, if we look at what she's eating, she's really lost the ability to completely, really naturally process her food. So it is no surprise that this gal is five, three and 166 pounds. And , um , when I gave her a review of everything that was wrong with her, her health consults, let me get to my notes here. Um, when she did her metabolic profile, her resting pulse rate is too high. Um, it's worrisome for me. So , um, she's consuming olive oil, vegetable oil, and canola oil. Those are all poisons. Um, let's see, no energy not motivated. Um, her acid or I'm sorry, her urine was acidic and her saliva was acidic. And that shows that detox is necessary because her that's too much protein in your urine and saliva, it's not processing properly. And that puts you at risk for arthritis, inflammatory disease, fibromyalgia , um, having an overly acidic stomach and IBS. And that also shows that because the things aren't digesting properly, she would really do better using enzymes. And she needs some minerals like selenium, B12, iodine, some probiotics lacking in vitamin C, vitamin D um , maybe some Cal-Mag and bile salts for not having a gallbladder. And she does say that she has Brown spots on her face. And that demonstrates that your liver is clogged. And then her temperatures were not good. Like many ladies, ladies are always cold, right? We always know, ladies are called . We are ladies who are cold, were more cold than men are. And that's an indication that your thyroid is not working as it should. Um, a lot of ladies when I pose this question to them and have them take their temperature for five days, they're not even aware that the normal temperature is 98.6. A lot of times they're 96.8. It might . That sound like a lot, but two degrees is a lot. You know, that when you have a temperature of a hundred, you know, got a fever and you've got a little bit to be aware of, it goes up to 103 . You're going to be in a lot of trouble. And you're probably going to make an emergency doctor's visit or emergency room visits . So I like to open women's eyes to that. It's more than the fat, the fat at this age, the lack of energy at this age is your body screaming that the metabolic processes are breaking down. And then when you get diagnosed with this rheumatoid arthritis and IBS and fibromyalgia, your women tend to think that you're medically defective when you've eaten your way. There, all the signs are there that you're on your way to being chronically sick. And you're going to be on medications. You're going to gain weight. You're going to lose energy. You're going to risk the quality and the value of your life because you're just not going to feel well. So if you can relate to any of these things, if you would like to get your metabolic processes evaluated and get a complete health analysis by, you know, yours truly here , um, that is the zone of genius of what I do. So please text me at (561) 220-1833 (561) 220-1833. And let's get started talking about you and your very specific medical, not medical problems, but your metabolic processes that are not working. Because if you go to a doctor today and you say, I'm putting on weight, I feel rundown . Um, I have chronic constipation. Um, you know, these are the things he's just, he or she is just going to write you prescriptions. And you know, maybe those prescriptions might eliminate a particular symptom, but did they eliminate the root cause? Which is absolutely 100% your menu. And without changing the menu, you're just going to keep having the same problems and many of these medications , um , not only do they age you, they come with side effects. Um, they make you run down. They have issue together with each other. Um, a doctor would give you, you know, maybe she's got the Adderall because she complained to a doctor about weight loss. But , um, they going to tell you to go on hormone replacement therapy. That's literally the same thing as birth control. And today the gynecologist and the OB GYN are trained. I heard this, I heard this at a lecture out of a woman's mouth. Well, what we want to do is to keep you on birth control until the age of 55, they think they're going to trick your body into skipping menopause. And then they're going to put you on the HRT from like 55 to 60. And ladies, I promise you that skipping menopause is just not going to happen. When , when I was at this lecture, there was a lady in the audience who had breast cancer a couple of years earlier. And when you have breast cancer, they generally put you on a drug called , um, to moxa fin . I believe it , the name is, and Tamoxifen reduces your estrogen. And so that lady raised her hand and said, Hey, I've been on this Tamoxifen . And I haven't had any of these menopause problems. And I'm sitting there thinking, well, yeah, duh, you had your estrogen lowered . So if there would be anything to learn about getting through menopause without the drama, it's lowering your estrogen. Now , I don't want you to be on drugs. I don't know Tamoxifen all that much, whether it would be safe to be on tomoxifin just to get through menopause. I doubt it, it has a very specific purpose, but if we look at the ladies who do not have menopause misery, as I like to call it, who do not gain weight, which there are some, I have met them. They're like, Oh, my menopause just came. And it was no big deal. I just stopped getting my cycle. And it was no big deal. Let's look at those ladies. So what are those ladies doing? Well, generally, they're pretty healthy ladies. Um, they're ladies in Asia that don't go through this at all. They don't have this excess estrogen. They don't have the standard Western diet like we have, they don't have the menopause misery. They don't even have a name for hot flashes in Asian countries. It's not even a word that exists for the flushes as they say in the UK. So we want to look at what's going on with them. Generally, they've lived a much healthier life. They did not have weight to lose prior to the menopause when the perimenopause began. And so it was just a non-issue. And if your cycles are not regular, and let's say normal three to five days, pain free , then you've got hormone imbalance, and it really, really needs to be addressed. And it should not be addressed by putting you on birth control. It's just not, what's supposed to happen. Let's get you back to mother nature and you know, all the good things about that. All the good things about when your body and your hormones just work. When you wake up with energy, that means your cortisol is working. You should be starting to get tired. Seven, eight, nine, 10. O'clock when your melatonin starts to produce, how do you make melatonin? Yeah , you have to eat foods that are the right amino acids that produce and contain tryptofan. Tryptophan is a precursor to melatonin. Melatonin is , is what's going to get you to sleep when you sleep, your body gets to , um , regenerate. Your liver goes to work. It starts cleaning things out. You wake up in the morning, you have a nice ball movement. You go tinkle and you go on with your day. I hope you're laughing. So I'm , that's all I'm going to talk about for today. As I said earlier, if you'd like to get help with this, let's take a look at what's going on. Very specifically with you text me anytime . The number is (561) 220-1833. You are never bothering me. I am happy to hear from you. Thank you for listening.