Menopause Fockery

Menopause Detective! Details Not Doctors!

September 14, 2020 Gianna Miceli
Menopause Fockery
Menopause Detective! Details Not Doctors!
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If you go look at reviews of my books on Amazon, the women are upset that my book didn't contain a magic pill and that I am selling a solution to help you.

Yes I am.

I can't put into a book how I help you.

So if you're this bitch, listen to this podcast to find out how much more IT is than the menopause or calorie counting.

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Speaker 1:

So the big question is this, how do women over 40 and 50 prevent a miserable menopause lose weight? That seems impossible to lose curb or dissipate. The 34 miserable symptoms that come with it. Get back to sleep. Get our emotions in check and get back to feeling sexy and just freaking normal. Again. Hi, I'm Jenna, miss Sally, and it took me four years and $18,000 to solve this problem. Most women go to the doctor for this, and that's the biggest mistake you can make. You don't want to become medically enslaved and you don't want to waste your time at the gym. Those are the questions, and this is the podcast that will give you the answers. Welcome to the Jianna Maselli, sexy and fabulous show where I talk about everything going on with women over 40 good morning, ladies in the 16 fabulous forever world. I have had a fascinating weekend on Instagram where a very prominent doctor, well, depends on the definition of prominent, but someone who helped a very famous menopause influencer let's call her not an expert, but an influencer back in the day saw one of my post and started following me. So I followed him just to see what would happen. And he ended up saying to me, you need to work with me and, you know, under what circumstances would you write that to me when I'm not complaining about anything, but , uh, I said back to him, why do you need some information on how to help women without drugs? And he just keeps beating his drum. And number one, I would never, again, let me preface that again, seek out a man to help me with menopause as I saw five or six of them. And I'm sorry ladies, but they're just never really going to understand what you're going through by reading about it or hearing about it from drug reps. They're just never going to know. And not only that, this man wears a wig, a ridiculous wig, and I went to his website to see what, you know , he was all about and see what he's pushing. And he does push bioidentical hormones, which being identical carry the same risk as the synthetic ones. And I did not make that up. People accused me of having these bizarre opinions. When I read them, I read a lot of things and I weighed and measured information against my own personal experience. And that's how I came up with my opinions and the medical letter, which is like the consumer reports for drugs. You can not purchase an opinion. There's no advertising in it. It is straightforward, unbiased information. And it says that bio identical hormones being bio identical carry the same risks as synthetic ones. Patients should be advised not to take. And if you've been in my menopause weight loss masterclass or read my first book, why American women are so fat, sick, tired, and angry, I go deeply into the beginning and the history of hormone replacement therapy and estrogen replacement therapy. And by the way, that was created and marketed and handled and the huge amounts of cancer that it did. Cause I have zero trust for the AMA and the FDA. And I don't give a rat's. If anything is FDA approved, the FDA is made up of many people that are easily lobbied, which means they're bought and paid off. And it really does not matter if products are FDA approved, some are some aren't, it's very difficult to sort through why one has to be, and it's just amaz of. So anyway, getting back to this man, then I Googled him and he has

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Times that he was taken to court for sexual harassment on a patient Dhabi , more than harassment , um, Mo molestation. It did not go into the details of that, but something to the point where a woman filed a suit, you know, which is always subject to the details, which were not listed. And it did not list the outcome of that, but okay. He was there and then he has been licensed in seven States and he works out of New York. And in an article I read that was not dated. It said at the time of that writing that he only carried a medical license in Alabama. So, you know, there's a lot of red flags going up. I don't care about this person to give more time into the research. It was really like a five to 10 minute investigation I did because this is , uh , saying that I should work with him. I wouldn't dare work with a man. Who's got a Botox filled face and wears a wig and is going to talk to me about anti-aging and menopause. So anyway, I wanted this podcast today

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To open your eyes to really what's going on,

Speaker 1:

Hang on in the menopause, because it's my little white flag that I stand on my soapbox , where I say menopause, medical menopause. Then this menopause condition is the biggest fraud perpetrated on American women. In the past 90 years in that the propaganda brainwash is women to believe they need a medical plant. And so I want to talk about some things that are underlying that women don't really realize they really come to me or to doctors saying, I've put on weight. My periods are sketchy and I'm tired. And you know, basically that's it, you know, they don't really understand all that's going on. So I wrote out kind of a generality of the women that come to me for help. And what's going on with all of them. Generally, the client is 53 years old and has just gone through menopause somewhere before and a year or two. And she's gained 20 to 40 pounds in the last year. Just one year that has a lot of weight, even though they're exercising to lose weight, she has only seen herself gain more, which makes it really confusing and really frustrating. And that's why the word angry is in my first book, they generally drink alcohol in the evenings, not every evening, but many evenings there's women drinking, wine and alcohol. They drink coffee every morning. They wake up in the middle of the night with hot flashes. And for the first time in their life, they have belly fat she's fatigued. She has been told she has some degree of a thyroid disorder. Many of them have been put on meds for these thyroid disorders, which are never really labeled or diagnosed because the problem is you can go to a doctor and get your thyroid tests, which many women think are this one test that's going to reveal where things are lacking and it's going to solve a problem. And the problem is much more deeply than that. It's not just these levels, but it's very confusing. What the T3 and the D for what's going on, the T4 what's going on and it's not being made. And so it's a lot to take in when we have our first consultation together, because you're going to get overloaded with information. And that's why you can't just put it in a book. And a lot of women on Amazon have given me bad reviews. I tell you they're angry because they're expecting a book to have the answers, to solve all the problems. And what my books do is open your eyes to how to become the detective of the problems. And as of today, I've decided to call myself a health detective or a menopause detective. I haven't decided on which one, because that's really what I do. It's not one size fits all, and there's not some magical product that you can take. Cause they're all in these women's these menopause groups. What can I take for this? And what can I take for that? And they're not understanding that there is an entire metabolic assessment that needs to be done of how your digestion and your liver processing, how your thyroid, how your pH of your blood and your saliva and your urine, how everything is working before any recommendations can be made. And then they'll tell me, well, what should I eat? Well , all that depends on what you've been eating and this metabolic assessment and what your nutritional deficiencies are. So the things that you need to look at , we need to demystify the hormones. Number one, we have to see what's going on. And honestly, I don't really put a lot of value into a hormone test. You took at the doctors because it's really just telling me what it was that day. It's not really a very clear picture. And I would rather look at all your symptoms because that's going to tell me more than this test. In addition, when I got my hormone tests, I went to a Mari medical health clinic in Scarsdale, New York. And of course I was fat. I was vulnerable. I was desperate. And they, they give you these tests and then they come out on this big gigantic spreadsheet, which might be different now because I did this in , uh , 2009. I think the, you know, those big, giant spreadsheets that are in those old fashioned printers. And so they have the, the lines that you know, where your hormones are. And this is very big spreadsheet. Let's say for sake of demonstration purposes, your hormone levels could be from zero to 500. And I think that's a very vast range. And so the lab will tell you what's normal or average, but it doesn't really mean normal or average for certain ages. It basically, in my opinion reflects when you were fertile. So of course I'm not going to have the same hormone levels as a 25 or 35 year old. And it doesn't mean I should. My body knows my eggs are running out. My processes are slowing down. My reproductive processes are slowing down. What I don't have to have slowing down because I'm aging is my metabolic processes, my ability to digest foods and to filter them through my liver and for my thyroid to be slowing down, which really operates on some very specific pH levels and mineral nutrition that has to be present for my thyroid to operate optimally. I love the word optimally better than normal. And so no one can say, it's so ridiculous if I take this hormone replacement and I'm going to be having the hormones of a 25 year old fertile young woman that that's going to make my thyroid or my digestion or my liver processing or any of those things that pH of my blood is not remotely going to be affected by this. And ladies I'm dying to be wrong, but I hope as you listen to this, you're starting to understand the position that I come from. It's not really about the drop in the estrogen and progesterone. It is a little bit, but it's mostly in conjunction with the metabolic processes. So if you're a gal who has your metabolic processes working optimally, you're going to be very unaffected. If at all, I like to say your menopause is going to be uneventful and you're not going to notice it. And such ladies experiences do exist, but we're not studying them weird. I studied that, but you know, the , the medical community does not so much. So where I was in a menopause Lake , um , a gathering like a hundred women gathered where they had four people on a panel. So of course I show up and many women and we're standing up and complaining about what their issues are at asking questions and the ridiculous doctor on stage who knew absolutely nothing except how to recite the 35 SIM alleged , uh , symptoms of menopause. And I say alleged for a reason. And literally she said, you just have to deal with it. She has no answers to the point that , uh , older woman who had had breast cancer and was on tomoxifin, which reduces your estrogen, stood up to say, I never felt any menopause issues. Is there something wrong with me? I mean, are you freaking kidding me? Are you freaking kidding me? First of all, that you went through breast cancer experience during menopause, and you really came out of it, not knowing anything. And I don't blame her. I blame the doctors, but I do blame her for having zero common sense in thinking there was something wrong with her. So there's so much confusion and misinformation going on. So what I like to do is focus on the top complaints, which is really, they're tired. They're gaining weight. They've got the hot flashes. I like to ween cold Turkey. I know that's that doesn't even match, but it's, you might as well just go cold Turkey and do the things that you need to do to do these three things, which are the tenants of what I teach lower your insulin, lower, your estrogen, lower your cortisol. That is the three key components of how you're going to get weight lost and adjust your body to go into a zone of optimal health. And here's some things that women don't know, the ovaries do continue to produce a small amount of estrogen. And of course, adipose tissue, which is body fat is endocrine tissue and continues to provide estrogen. So let me tell you what that means in the world of fat acceptance in 2020, honey, your fat is making you more fat. Your fat is making you more fat. So while the overall hormone levels go down in menopause, having a balance between the estrogen and the progesterone is still important, your progesterone is no longer needed. So it is swooshing down much faster than the estrogen. And it's very dependent on effective stress management because of the cortisol. And there is no pill you can take to lower your cortisol. You've literally got to realize it exists. It's a electrochemical that goes all over your body. Your adipose tissue, the fat tissue in your belly has more cortisol receptors. Then not adipose tissue, then the Brown tissue. And so that is why you get the belly fat because you're stressed. I mean, you're in your forties. You probably have teenagers. You're probably in a high level job. All the things that go around with life, life is just hard. You've got to manage the stress. And so many women want to be liked and they have a problem saying, no, they have a problem asking for the kind of money they want to get to be paid. They have a problem communicating with their husband and running the household effectively. And you've got to stand up for yourself. You've got to pick and choose your boundaries because it's going to skyrocket your stress. When you cannot communicate your anger and your stress and prioritize your self-care and ease it. And that's going to make you fat, sick, tired, and angry. In addition, you've got to have sound, sleep, support, self-care exercise, but you don't have to have crazy exercise because most likely your adrenals are burned out. And that crazy exercise is ruining the entire endocrine imbalance because the adrenals have been pulling from your progesterone because they're worn down and now you don't have any progesterone. So your body is just like in hyper mode, pulling from everything that it can get to get back into homeostasis and to get normal again. So there's a thing called the HPA TG axis. And it's going to shift hormone balance from the adrenals, providing insufficient progesterone to keep estrogen receptors primed, and women can indeed have estrogen dominance due to rock bottom progesterone and be overloaded with Xeno estrogens, which we haven't even talked about. All the toxins in the world that are Xeno estrogens, but you're still going to have hot flashes due to dramatic fluctuations in estrogenic effects and beverages like coffee and alcohol are not necessarily negative lifestyle choices, but during these years they are, they are the cause of hot flashes, not the cost , but

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The ex what's

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The word I'm looking for. They can exasperate the hot flashes. It's very common. And then those that alcohol is really going to put weight on you as well. So weaning off coffee, going home , cold Turkey, whatever you can do, switching to black or green tea. I kind of explained to you why this is okay, but it just is, this is what the women in Asia and they've grown up on it and they don't have any of these menopause experiences like we do in the United States, the UK, Australia, all these westernized countries. Additionally, if you're open to not drinking alcohol at all, do it for 30 days and see how that feels for you. You know? And once you do that, and maybe you participate once in a while, you're going to find out that your body can't tolerate it at all. And maybe one drink is going to be all you can have. And you're going to see that it just takes more time and more time to recover from those kinds of things. And if you're going to drink something, drink a low sugar based drink like a vodka soda with a splash of cranberry. Now blood sugar fluctuations will also exasperate hot flashes, which is why I say you've got to lower your insulin, lower your cortisol and lower your estrogen. So good doses of proteins and fats are absolutely necessary to be included in your new menopause menu as I like to call it. And don't worry. I go over all that very thoroughly. If you decide to work with me, we get into that very, very deeply. You've got to modify their , your diet to a low-glycemic one in order to retain the metabolism that you had. Pre-menopause and unfortunately, many women before menopause are already overweight. We are a very overweight society. It does not mean that you can't get it. You can get it. Your body is dying to heal. I promise you it's dying to heal. And it wants to get this rate off of you. Now, additionally, everybody talks about labs, the Dutch test, the hormone test , the thyroid tests . There's only one task that I'm very interested in having my clients do. I used to be a fan of the Dutch test, but the Dutch test appears to me to be something created, to convince every woman that takes it, that she's low on estrogen, even though she's overweight and has estrogen dominant symptoms. Well she's low and Astro dial or this and that and the other thing. And so they, they have a device that convinces you. You need this. When I really think this device was just invented to show you that you need to take these hormones, which I don't think you need at all. I think that your body knows how to have backup systems and fix this through food and mineral supplementation. I very strongly believe leave that everything wrong with you is okay , toxicity or nutritional deficiency. And you cannot be hurt by addressing both of those first before you entertain synthetic hormones that come from animals. So the only test I am interested in you taking is an acid test, because that is the building blocks of everything for your body, that what it needs in order to get these metabolic processes working optimally. And I definitely want you supplementing with those because there's been so much excessive dieting, salads, smoothies, and starving is creating the decline in your health. So in terms of the big picture, this is where we start looking. This is where the health detective starts to go. Looking first, I have to know what you've been diagnosed with by doctors, what your symptoms are. I have you go through a mineral deficiency assessment and take a look at the overall symptoms that you're experiencing. Many women chalk up to just getting older. And when you see this, it's going to be eye opening. If you get my latest book , um , the menopause weight loss masterclass, it's really going to open up your eyes to that. You don't really need these drugs. You need to seriously assess your mineral deficiency and nutritional supplementation. And the aminos test is eye opening. So I wanted to keep this about 20 minutes and just like do a little hit and run about what I do and how things work. And when the lady say, Oh, are you a doctor? I don't need to be a doctor. I am a researcher. I am

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A functional product.

Speaker 1:

Can't say functional medicine, but I'm looking at something from a functional point of view in that looking at the root cause. This is what I did on my own. When no doctor could help me. And I spent over $18,000 trying to get them to help me. I got turned on to not only natural path health, because I don't really, I'm not a fan of the natural paths because I did go to one and all they did was look at my symptoms and say, take these vitamins. They never actually took a metabolic assessment of me or looked at my menu or anything. They just sold me $500 a month worth of vitamins, which I took for three months and never did anything for me. And then I got turned on to metabolic health and have studied that very extensively for the last four years. And that is eyeopening and mindblowing . And that has been single-handedly the way that I am helping women become their own health detectives and opening up their eyes to where you go searching for the problems. Every doctor wants every patient to leave with a prescription. I am not kidding you. That's what they're taught. That's what they're trained. That's what the system is set up for. They do not get paid enough according to them to do what I'm going to do for you. And I'm happy to do it for the price that I do it because I'm going to your life. And you're going to tell someone I changed your life. And when I changed your life, I'm going to change the life of your marriage and your entire family because happy wife, happy life, happy mommy makes for raising fantastic children into functioning adults. So I hope you enjoyed this. If you do like my content, please like share and comment. Please leave me a review wherever you're listening to this on iTunes, that helps my algorithm. And please go on my or go to join Giana where I discuss in detail, the protocol of how I help women pre and post-menopause mostly women over 40 lose weight and restore themselves to optimal health. You're looking in the wrong place. If you're making a doctor's appointment.