Menopause Fockery

Taking Birth Control Or HRT? Were You Told How It Would Negatively Affect You?

December 14, 2020 Gianna Miceli
Menopause Fockery
Taking Birth Control Or HRT? Were You Told How It Would Negatively Affect You?
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Speaker 1:

So the big question is this I'm over 40. Now I'm getting more fat, more sick and more tired every day. What the hell is going on? And where did my old self go? This happened to me in 2009. And I only got my sexy body and health back by firing all my doctors and getting to the root cause of what was really wrong with me. It's not the menopause. It's the metabolic. Welcome to the geode, miss Sally sexy and fabulous show where I help women find the real cause of their misery and kick the meds to the curb. Hello ladies, Gianna MIceli here, the menopause master. I've been dying to do this podcast for a while , and I've been so busy with other things. This one is a big enchilada. It's called the pill is destroying our bodies and everyone is ignoring it for money. There are a zillion women on the menopause, Facebook groups complaining about everything. And they think that once you were in the menopause zone, that every single thing going wrong with you is because of the menopause. And therefore they have nothing that they could do about it, that if they can't help it because they can't stop the menopause over 300 million women worldwide have at some point employed the pill, birth control pills due to its alleged convenience most have done so unaware of its implications for women's health and your future fertility, which I'm not so concerned about. But if you have daughters, teenage daughters, daughters in their twenties, daughters who want to one day have babies, you should turn them on to this podcast. Now we've been told that birth control is one of the great inventions of our time and that we would be foolish not to take it. Now I bring this up because birth control and HRT are almost the same thing. They're pretty close. They're just different levels of the hormones. The truth is we have been lied to and I would consider lying by omission as lying as well. Did your doctor tell you any of what I'm about to tell you here? Birth control is incredibly damaging to our bodies. This is pretty ironic considering we're always told that birth control it's empowering, right? Oh, you can take control of your reproductive rights. I never really understood that term. You don't have a right to reproduce. You have a moral responsibility to reproduce yet. Even the history of birth control reveals an utter lack of respect for the dignity of women. So let's get into it. Women were the guinea pigs. When I found out the origin of the pill and HRT , I was disgusted and I uncovered what I considered to be criminal behavior. And it's mind blowing that this information isn't more public, but what's more disgusting is that when women hear this way too many have little to no reaction, like I had the creation of the pill was sketchy to say the least. It was promoted by Margaret Sanger of planned Parenthood, fame, eugenics designer, Mary Margaret Sanger and millionaire. Catherine McCormick funded the studies for a Harvard professor named Gregory Pincus. The studies focused on ways in which women could prevent pregnancy without a man knowing which you know, that's here nor there that's your own decision. After years of experimenting with various pills on rabbits, pink has conducted birth control experiments, which he claimed were quote-unquote fertility studies by exploiting helpless patients in a Massachusetts mental institution. He did not tell the patients what the pills he would give them were going to do. They were just expected to take the pills and suffer the consequences while he documented the results. I call that criminal men were unable to stand the side effects as Pincus experiments caused testicle shrinking and castration anxiety. So Pincus has decided to focus on women. Despite the fact that women also had horrible side effects to his pills like blood clotting, bloating, and mood swings . When he ran out of women, willing to participate in the experiments, pink is focused on Puerto Rico. Now, if you've heard any of my other podcasts about this, Puerto Rico is where the study was done. The one study was done that gave the thumbs up by the FDA to create estrogen replacement therapy. Why Puerto Rico, this would be Puerto Rico, you know, back in the sixties and seventies, the U S territory suffered from poverty and overpopulation and the government was already highly interested in birth control. So Pincus recruited female students from the university of Puerto Rico, and he became extremely angry when more than half of them dropped out due to the violent side effects of the pill, he and his colleagues, resorted to coercing students to cooperate or else they would receive failing grades in their classes. Now women didn't have moxy like they do today. This was a long time ago. The first versions of the pill had almost 10 times the amount of hormones needed to prevent pregnancy, but that didn't stop Pinkus' experimentation on women experiments that hadn't even been entirely successful on animals criminal. And let's not forget that the creators of the pill opted to experiment on women instead of men and feminists. At the time, weren't happy about it at a Capitol Hill investigation of the pills safety about 10 years later, activists, Alice Woolson shouted. Why isn't there a pill for men? Why are 10 million women being used as Guinea? Pigs and women have been silenced notably, no women were allowed to even speak at the hearing, even though it investigated all the negative symptoms of the pill that occurred in women, the sketchy Puerto Rico trials and the mental institution abuses were completely ignored by politicians and doctors alike as they are to this day, which is why so many of you have been told by your doctors that the pill and HRT are safe, either they are ignorant or they choose to ignore the horrible side effects of these substances. Recent studies from the Alfred psychiatry research center in Australia showed that women who take birth control are at a much, much higher risk of depression than women who don't take it. And in fact, these studies reveal that you're twice as likely to be depressed if you are on birth control. And if you're a teenager that risk increases to 80%. Now the negative short-term side effects of the pill include mood swings, headaches, weight, gain, breast tenderness, low libido and nausea. And the long-term side effects are more extreme anxiety, panic attacks, and reproductive issues later in life. Now it gets worse. A 2017 Danish study reported in the New York times found that many types of birth control can be linked to breast cancer. And yet all these ladies in the Facebook groups , no , my doctor said it was okay. How does this not logically toggle your brain to look a little further? You are going into mother nature and instilling synthetic manufactured hormones into mother nature where she doesn't want them. Now that study reveals that for every 100,000 women on hormone birth control, there are 68 annual cases of breast cancer, estrogen equals breast cancer. Why do you think after you have breast cancer, they put you on Tamoxifen for two years. What does Tamoxifen do? It lowers your estrogen and research also shows that the hormone progestin, which is commonly used in birth control and HRT today raises the risk of breast cancer. So could it get worse than breast cancer? Sure. How about suicide? A 2017 time magazine article reported that women taking hormonal contraceptives like birth control pills, the patch, the ring and hormonal IUDs have up to triple the risk of suicide as women who never took the birth control. So the side effects are not just an increased risk of cramps. As many birth control options will tell you it's not just increased blood flow irritability or headache. The pill brings a multitude of physical and psychological health concerns with it. And when I say the pill, I'm talking about HRT as well. They are essentially the same thing. Now, these case studies should not only make us concerned about our casual understanding of birth control, but they should also help us recognize that it's truly shocking and outrageous that the pill is pushed on women as a tool of empowerment and health. I put the word health in quotes studies like these showed the importance of women taking their health into their own hands and not listening to pop culture, politicians, or government funded health organizations who eagerly push the pill on us. It's time for us to examine. Why are we being offered something so inherently harmful to us over the decades of the pills, availability manufacturers have lowered its levels of synthetic, estrogen and progesterone. And that's evidence of the damaging effects of synthetic hormones, such as increased risks of uterine and breast cancers. Also the resulting detrimental effects come from the use of other hormone contraceptives delivered via patches, injections, the skin implants vaginal rings and the IUD, the three most troubling physical side effects of using the pill and other hormone contraceptives are hormone imbalance , nutritional deficiencies, and the likelihood of multiple abortions. While you're on the pill. The birth control pill is known to deplete the body of vital nutrients. And yet very few physicians alert their patients to this when prescribing it like vitamins, B6, B12, and folate are all depleted by the pill. And they're crucial to the brain and nervous system of all human. Do not wonder my menopause ladies, why you have brain fog, why you're depressed, why your moods are all over the place. Your brain requires very specific phytonutrients for it to work optimally and properly and other nutrient deficiencies associated with the pill are low vitamins B one B2, biotin, vitamin C, and critical minerals, such as copper and zinc. When you have improper copper and zinc ratios on your brain, you're going to have brain fog. And don't wonder when your hair is falling out because you don't have B one B2 and biotin. Now these deficiencies can result in fatigue, low libido, skinny rep options , insomnia, paranoia, weight, gain, bloating, depression, anxiety, dandruff , hair, loss, itchiness, and hormone imbalances. Have you ever read an article that also calls those deficiencies and symptoms part of the 34 alleged arduous menopause symptoms? I mean, I guess they're not lying because when you take their pills, you're going to have these symptoms. So they would technically be part of the menopause symptoms, but they're not part of it. If you're not taking me also included our weight gain, fibro cystic breast disease, bone loss, and infertility , the contribution of synthetic hormones to the formation of cancer growth in the breasts in uterus is well-documented. But your doctors are telling you, Oh, okay. A more recently understood problem associated with the use of the pill involved, a significant disruption of gut flora. Dr. David Perlmutter explains that while almost all medications adversely affect the microbiome, the long-term daily usage of this synthetic hormone altering medication is especially damaging to the intestinal terrain. It can decrease thyroid hormone production as well as your available testosterone. Well, no wonder you're putting on weight and you have no libido it's long-term use can contribute to insulin resistance, oxidative stress and increasing systemic inflammation. Ladies don't wonder why you're fat, sick and tired and then angry. The name of my book is why American women are so fat, sick, tired, and angry. It's because you have been up from medical plans for your symptoms instead of looking for the nutritional deficiencies and the over toxicity. And lastly lady, this stuff ages you, insulin resistance, oxidative stress, systemic inflammation. You gals who take HRT look way older than I do. Now. The pills negative effect on the microbiome are part of the reason there's mood swings and anxiety disorders, because your gut floor is intimately involved in the production of neurotransmitters that produce serotonin that influenced your mood and your outlook. And you're not getting it. You don't need to go on antidepressants. You need to clean up your gut. Health research has shown that hormonal contraceptives have been linked to the development of inflammatory bowel diseases, such as Crohn's and colitis. Really ladies all over the menopause. Facebook groups are tens of thousands of women complaining about everything from IBS to restless leg syndrome, to irritability. And they're all asking why, why, why? And they all think it's about the menopause. It's not it's about your nutrition. And if you're smart enough to even be addressing your nutrition is your body in a position to absorb the nutrition and use it properly. Because if you've been on these medications and these synthetic hormones long enough, I guarantee you it's not, it is not a mystery. Why you don't feel well. If you'd like to address these deficiencies without the influence of a pharmaceutically trained and influenced doctor, who's not looking out for your best interests , then join my weight loss masterclass online. It's an online course. And then you can schedule a complete health consult with me and ladies, if I don't blow your way with what I uncover, I'll refund you 100%. The information is located at Find out what your nutritional deficiencies are and your over toxicities and the mystery of your over 40 weight and your irritability and your lack of energy. That problem will all be solved. That is what I guarantee. Thank you so much for listening to this podcast. Please share this with any woman that you know, who needs this information.