Menopause Fockery

What Your Blood Pressure Reveals About Your Menopause Experience!

June 12, 2022 Gianna Miceli
Menopause Fockery
What Your Blood Pressure Reveals About Your Menopause Experience!
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Speaker 1:

I'm going to tell you what your blood pressure reveals about your menopause experience that your doctor has never told you about. Hello? It's Jana Macelli . I am the menopause master. If you are a regular listener to my podcast, you might think my saying that your doctor has never told you could be like a drinking game, because I say it so much. Like you should take a shot every time I say it, but it's really the entire reason that so many women are miserable and menopause, and those numbers grow every single day. So why do I say this so much? Because your doctor doesn't give you full disclosure about things, which is the law and they don't do it for two reasons. Number one, they simply don't know doctors get zero nutritional education in medical school. Number two, they don't want you to know, and this should terrify you. Now you might be asking yourself, Gianna , how do you know my doctor hasn't told me? Well, because if you knew these things, you wouldn't even be seeking my podcast nor any information. And I wouldn't hear from women every single day about them being fat, sick, and tired and asking, what can they take for the alleged 40 symptoms? The medical community has you be leaving or related to your menopause transition? That requires a medical plan, because if you knew the amount of women I've spoken to over the last decade, you would have the same confidence. I do. Doctors are not interested in healing. You, they are taught to manage you. I'm going to tell you about high blood pressure and low blood pressure and what they have to do with your menopause transition. Now I'm trying not to get too scientific, but for me to implore to you, women, that your menopause misery is not a medical problem. I have to introduce you to why it's a menu problem, which means it's your nutrition. So you are what you eat is not just a catch phrase from the eighties. I'm teaching you how to monitor your health system and be your own health advocate, because it's not only going to save you time, money and aggravation. It's your future. You don't need doctors as much as you think you do. So stay tuned. I'm going to show you how it's all connected. Now, most of us know that high blood pressure is considered dangerous. And we all probably know at least one person in our lives . That's on blood pressure medication, but many people don't know what it is exactly. What is our blood pressure? Well, technically it's the force of blood pushing through the walls of blood vessels. And it's consistently too high. It's considered normal. If the systolic number is less than one 20, and the diastolic number is less than 80. If the systolic number reads anything higher than one 20, this is considered elevated blood pressure. And you may just be prescribed like half a pill or a pill to manage it. The doctors never address why it's high. They might give you a very vague in general, oh, watch what you eat. Lay off the table, salt. But that actually has no meaning. And we do need salt. That is real salt. Since we require electrolytes every single day to give us energy and get our entire metabolic system running electrolytes are the equivalent to the circuit breakers in our homes, without electricity, the systems will not run the refrigerator, the stove, the dishwasher, turning on lights. When you need them, the air conditioning, the heat. You can understand if those don't run, your house is broken down. It's the same way with your electrolytes running the systems of your body. They run everything and they run 24 hours a day. Every day that you take a breath. So every little bit of your system that's not running optimally means neither is your health. We need quality salt that has actual minerals in it because that Morton's table has zero nutrition. Throw it out. You need pink, Himalaya and salt or something similar and make sure it's real because they are faking that in the grocery stores too. You have to read the labels. We need salt and magnesium specifically that run as co factors together to operate our electrical systems. Okay? Then there's the ad . Normally high blood pressure, which is one 40 over 90 or higher. And people with high blood pressure readings. We know this they're required to seek immediate medical attention. As this can potentially lead to heart conditions , cardiovascular disease , Andina damaged arteries and decreased blood flow and oxygen to the heart, which is going to give you a heart attack. Those people, well , the doctors have failed them because long before you get to that, there are signs and symptoms that put you on high alert that the doctors should be seeing. I know a lot of people don't go to doctors and a lot of people don't care about their health, but you know, if you're here, you're a lady that cares about her health. Now, the reason you need to know about these things is that our blood pressure reflects how our adrenals are working. This is how it's related to menopause pay attention. Now, the adrenals produce cortisol, which is the fight or flight hormone. And that prepares our bodies for stressful situations, as well as creating the steroid hormones that help our bodies fight infection and heal injuries and regulate blood sugar regulate blood sugar. Surely you've seen that or heard that in relationship to someone being fat, their blood sugar is not good. Surely you've heard about the relationship between your blood sugar and your weight. Regulated blood sugar makes amino acids available to be used. Amino acids are the foundation of cellular health cellular health is the foundation of health. Everything is built upon it. So it's all connected like a symphony orchestra. When one is out of tune, they're all out of tune. Now the adrenals also produce the sex hormones, D H E a estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, both men and women have 'em . We just have 'em to different degrees. So it suffices to say that if our adrenals are compromised, so is the production of our hormones. Could we all agree with that? Are you following me? Stay with me here because prior to menopause, progesterone and estrogen are produced by your ovaries. And then the adrenals pick up the slack and the adrenals become the major estrogen source. We still need estrogen. Even when we're not reproductive, we just don't need as much. So when these dip, doctors tell you that, oh, you're low in estrogen. You need H RT as they all will. Well, did they take your blood pressure? I'm sure they did. But did they see, was it low? Did they talk to you about your adrenals and your electrolyte intake? I guarantee they didn't. Did they address the toxicity that may be blocking your hormone receptors or any nutritional imbalances you may have like give you an essential aminos panel test or any other glandular activities? No, they didn't. They saw you for five minutes and they sent you out the door with a handful of prescriptions to pick up from the Walgreens. And they have you convinced that you are a medically defective, broken woman, which diminishes your confidence as a woman. I mean, nobody wants to walk the planet feeling broken because what is the end result of that? You walk the world invisible and feeling like you've put out to pastor like an old mayor , take a deep breath and take that in. It's one thing to have these experiences and get these diagnoses , but how do they play out in your everyday life? Because that's what I care about the quality of your everyday life. Okay. I've got a little bit more, there's a very close relationship between the adrenals and the thyroid and their respective hormones. So it's important that they are balanced, not only for your menopause transition to be what I like to call uneventful as it should be. It should be no big deal, but there is a slew of other issues connected to this hormone imbalance. And you are going to think this is medical, it's your menu. And I say, it's your menu because it's your nutrition. And specifically your micronutrition. And you're like Gianna , what is micronutrition micronutrition is how things work together because things work in clusters and teams to bring optimal health to the systems . So it's your menu. And this is what you're gonna think is a medical issue when it's really a menu issue. So when your thyroid and your adrenals are not balanced, you can have things like allergies, asthma, depression, anxiety, colitis, hypertension, as we just mentioned cancer , chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia are all indicators of hormone imbalance because the two glands work synergistically, and I guarantee you, anybody who got that diagnosis got that diagnosis from a doctor and went home with prescriptions. So I hope by now, you're wondering, how do I fix this? If I have this, how do I fix this? How do I find it? How do I fix it? Because some of you don't even know that you have it. Okay, let's be real here . You're walking around, that's sick and tired and you don't really have the wherewithal to find out why. I bet it's very difficult to see a doctor these days. And I wouldn't want to, and that's a whole nother podcast. I have to do how the corporate system has taken over private practices. So first you have to know how to assess if you have hormone imbalance, and you can look at the symptoms, but you can also do simple testing and monitoring from the comfort of your own home. It's not invasive. It's practically free. I mean, it can cost more than 20 bucks . And this is what we do in my menopause mentoring membership. This is why I need to mentor you. I cannot just put it in a book and turn this book over to you and be like, here, there's a lot to take in. So I wanna take you step by step . So one, you don't get overwhelmed, which means you're gonna do nothing, or you're gonna get confused, which means you're gonna do nothing. Or you don't wanna read stuff, cuz you're gonna do nothing. You know? So that's why I have it all laid out in a very nice, slow pace. I'm not gonna always say slow. Like let's just say pace. Let's just use the word pace all by itself. One day at a time, one little bit at a time so that you can absorb and understand how to do this and fix yourself. The fix is in the food, but how can I convince you of that unless I give you tangible data to rely on, right? So in the menopause membership and in taking your metabolic health analysis, you're going to see numbers. We all like numbers. Numbers are easy to read. Numbers are easy to compare to. I have to overcome the propaganda that you've been conditioned to believe such as, oh , your hormones are low. So therefore you need HRT or B H R T. Ladies. I wanna ask you a simple question to think about isn't there a difference between low and lower because your hormones are lower. That doesn't mean they're low. Of course they're lower. Your body knows your running out of eggs, which means you don't need as much of these hormones as you did when your body was expecting you to conceive. It knows it knows everything that's going on. So now that you know how the systems work, I want you to ask yourself a second question. How the with taking HRT or B H RT fix your blood pressure or your thyroid hormone output it doesn't one in four. Women are walking around today taking thyroid meds and they're still fat, sick and tired because I know tons of them. So the meds might be keeping you from getting a more fat, more sick, more tired, but they're hardly working. I mean, on occasion, I see a lady talking about it, but generally it doesn't. And then when you're taking these hormones, it stops your own body from producing your own hormones, who would want that, who would not want to fix this. So their own body produces and communicates hormones. So you have hormone balance, nobody. Okay. If you're a person that doesn't want that, please don't sign up for anything that I sell to learn more about how to master menopause all naturally go to to get started with my book and my mini course about how I fixed my menopause misery all naturally after five doctors failed me. Thank you for listening. And I would so appreciate that. If you enjoy my podcast, please give me a five star rating. I am climbing up the ranks past the fools in the white jackets that are just regurgitating pharmaceutical propaganda, to you to sell you. H R T go to master