Menopause Fockery

Understanding Hot Flashes In Menopause

June 09, 2022 Gianna Miceli
Menopause Fockery
Understanding Hot Flashes In Menopause
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Speaker 1:

What can I take for hot flashes? That is probably the number one question that I see in the Facebook menopause groups. I am Giana. Macelli the menopause master. Thank you so much for listening to my podcast tonight, I am going to dip into one of my mini courses. That's in my menopause makeover library, and it's called understanding hot flashes. So can you take something maybe kind of, but maybe kind of not. So I'm going to explain hot flashes to you. And I guarantee you've never heard this from your doctor in any way, shape or form. So, uh, many women ask, how do I know if I've had a hot flash, trust me, you will know. It's like, you know, when you're going to vomit how your, your body just gets a rush of heat, that's exactly what happens to varying different degrees. So it comes and it goes, it swooshes away. And there are some women that get them all night where they get drenched. And those ladies are really messed up. Let me tell you what's going on. So my first one came when I was 43 and I was like, is this the year I turned into an old woman because we are just so programmed that this is like an older woman situation, an older woman condition menopause. And the average age of menopause is 51. It is a 10 year process on average that it takes for your body to wind down, to be non reproductive. So luckily it was not the year. I turned into an old woman, but only because once I figured out I was in perimenopause, I could then attack my weight gain in misery from the right angles, which no doctor was ever able to do for me. I cured myself. I fixed myself. And until you understand how to do that for yourself and that you're going to have to fire your doctor because menopause is not a medical condition. It is a menu condition. It's the condition of your body and health today because of how you ate and how you still eat. And it will be changed when you change how you eat. So the good news is you can fix it by how you eat and how fun is that. So, first of all, let's bust a myth that hot flashes mean, oh, you have low estrogen levels because that's what you're going to hear from the doctors. That's what you're going to hear when you get your hormone levels tested. That's what you're going to hear when you get that Dutch test, oh, your Estradas low, blah, blah, blah. This is not true. This is a big lie. They tell you so that you'll be convinced that you need H RT

Speaker 2:

Or B H R T. Oh, it's natural. Yeah. It's still compounded. It's still substances that are going to be sent to the parts of your body that are winding down. And those substances are going to try to wind them up. And you know what you're gonna end up with. What do you think you're gonna end up with when you are polluting your natural systems? I mean, what could be more important in your body than your reproductive system and you are flooding it with foreign substances. Of course you're gonna be put at a risk for cancer. In fact, research does not generally show a correlation between circulating estrogen levels and the severity of hot flashes. A hot flash is triggered by the hypothalamus in the brain. And that occurs to release heat that is built up in the body in response to a surge of another hormone called this is hard to say, Nora epinephrine and epinephrine commonly know as adrenaline. And this is the stress hormone it's being released. Nora epinephrine is both a chemical messenger from your central nervous system and a stress hormone released from within your adrenal glance. And it regulates numerous internal functions that keep your brain and your body running efficiently. In fact, a woman can indeed be estrogen dominant and even have relatively high levels of estrogen and still wrestle with hot flashes as a zillion women. Do we see these in Facebook groups all the time? So the doctor BS of prescribing meds is just that it is bull. And this is why the podcast is called menopause fuckery, because they're telling you over and over and over. This is why I have a library of information. And this is why I do a podcast. They are literally just doing what the drug reps and continuing education courses tell them to do, which are put on by the pharmaceutical companies. They're always sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer, Moderna all these companies own the world. And these drug companies look this up. They have the highest fines in the entire world for their. Nobody has paid higher fines than these companies. So what the hot flash is, it's a sudden drop in estrogen that can trigger the cascade that causes a hot flash. That does not mean you are constantly low in estrogen. It's just going up and down, cuz you're winding down. A lot of it has to do with

Speaker 3:

All your other hormones and many other podcasts handle that, but it's much more complex than that. High cortisol, low cortisol, low progesterone and low serotonin can all be drivers for hot flashes. So how do we have low serotonin? Well, it means you are not consuming what creates serotonin and what creates serotonin is triptofen and triptofen is an essential amino that you can eat. Your body does not make it. You have to get it. So every day you don't get all the essential aminos necessary. You can be out of balance and you can have hot flash issues. This is such a fascinating topic I could go on and on. So there is zero guarantee that taking H R T will help you and your risking getting cancer down the road. There's no essential aminos in H RT. Now I cannot claim that I can help you get rid of hot flashes entirely, but maybe, maybe if you address the true root cause, which is a little bit complex, it's why I do these podcasts. And it's why I have this online program to help you understand this. Now, when I lost the extra 40 pounds of fat that I was carrying, that certainly was very helpful since my body was then back to homeostasis and harmony and a lot of people, a lot of these ladies, little ladies, you're so nasty sometimes, you know, just stop it. There's so many ladies that say, oh, Gianna, you weren't that fat. You know what I want you to do? I want you to go to the gym and I want you to pick up two 20 pound dumbbells or get a barbell across your back and go walk around the block and see how that feels. Because that is how much weight I was carrying. However much weight you think you are overweight, go pick up a barbell. That's equivalent to that and see how much weight that is. It's a lot of weight. Now. I know that when I drink alcohol and when I eat high fat foods or when I allow myself to be super stressed, I will have hot flashes. All of those are stress on the body, on a physiological level. All of this happens on a physiological level and women are like, oh, Chiana what are you an expert in? I am an expert in studying the nutritional causes and the physiology of menopause. Now is this a course I took in school. Is there a certification for this? No, but I went to many people who have what most of you listening to the, oh, you're doctors. You need to be a doctor. You have to have a medical certification. Well guess what? Ladies, those doctors didn't help me and they couldn't figure it out. I had to figure this out on my own. I had to become my own wellness advocate and detective shall I say, and you are going to have to too. I hear from women every day, every week they're sliding into my DMS. Like, okay, the doctor said this, this and this, but they don't really get any answers or whatever answers they get are not very helpful. They're still fat, sick and tired. And then they become fat, sick, tired, and angry the name of my first book, because that's, what's gonna happen when you go to these. So called highly trained and certified experts with certifications and all the that comes with that. And they don't help you because you are gonna start to feel that it's you, you put these doctors on pedestals that, oh my God, I'm more defective. I'm more broken. And I'm here to tell you, you are not medically defective. Your menu is defective. And I'll tell you why. If the hot flash occurs between like two and 4:00 AM, that is usually associated with high cortisol because it's rising to meet the day early and aggressively. It's showing that the body has been primed to expect very stressful circumstances. Like if you get up and your house is chaos and you're rushing to go to work, if you work and you know, God, I don't ever wanna live that life. Oh my God, I gotta get in the shower and I gotta get you the train and all that. And I'm gonna be late, blah, blah, blah, God forbid, you have children to get ready for school. You've got to be organized and delegate things and do things the night before. So that your day isn't waking up like that sustainable stress relief is the key to eliminating that. Then on the other hand, if the hot flashes are earlier in the night, especially if they're associated with hunger, they might be due to you having low cortisol and thus low blood sugar overnight during the natural fasting that occurs when you are asleep, you know, you've got to get the right amount of calories in each day or your body will be under physiological stress. You may not feel it, but it's happening. The high flash is due to a surge of epinephrine that is forcing blood sugar to back up to an acceptable level, which is why I'm always, always, always talking about the fact that you have to change your menu for menopause. It always comes down to conscious stress and physiological stress. Now there's, you know, a little bedtime snack that could include protein, like a hard boiled egg and some healthy fats, like a little tiny bit of, um, grass fed butter on top, or maybe you wanna have an apple with some almond butter. You don't wanna go to bed starving. Now you don't wanna eat within three hours of your bedtime, but you don't wanna go to bed starving. So you just need some time. You need to know this information and you need to implement it into your life. But it's also very important to investigate the true root cause that drives the hot flashes, such as insulin resistance, which many overweight women have insulin resistance means when you eat, your pancrea sends out insulin, your receptors are not becoming aware of it. So it's your brain is still thinking that you're hungry and now you've got too much food. And the food is being converted into fat, especially if you're having carbohydrates. So this is called hot flash remedies. And I do have an amazing supplement product that can address the physiological aspect of this. But it requires that you also address the totality of your health. And the reason I don't say go by this supplement is because you're not going to address the totality of your health. Too. Many of you are very, very lazy. I know you are upset and you're frustrated and you just want the quick fix, but this is all about telling you what's actually going on because the quick fix it's there, but it's not there. You've got to assess the root cause of your metabolics. And then you can address what you find when you do that. And then you can take supplements and you have to also change your menu. There are no supplements that are going to override a menu. You've gotta stop being a foodie. You know, you've only got so many years left in your life and you know, we are older now. We mostly all have to work until God knows when anyone can retire these days. And ladies, the truth is you being fat, sick, tired, cranky, emotional, unable to perform. You're going to be in competition with women who are younger, who are more vivacious and bring vitality to jobs, to your customers, to work environments. And you have to be able to stand up to this competition. So if you have to work, if you like money, if you like to keep your lifestyle, you have to become your own health advocate. And that's what I help you to do. I've done all the work for you. You do not have to go on Google and search this another day. I did that for you. I was psycho searching this for four years. Then I found out the solution. It was in my metabolics and I have never stopped researching. So you're getting the benefit today of 14 years. I'm 14 years ahead of you in researching this. So I hope you understand. It's not as easy as just saying, what can I take for hot flashes? Because you might take these things. Like they say, take Maka. They say, take

Speaker 4:

Dim. Um, you know, they might say I don't have much the top of my head right now. Cause I don't do these things anymore. But I looked at'em way back in the beginning, you know, 10 to 14 years ago, they don't work. These ladies say they work. You might see this on Amazon reviews or you go into Facebook group. But if you can go into Facebook group where you can like, actually look people up, here's what I do. Okay. Go on a menopause group. And if you find a woman that's HRT, oh, I love it. It's doing so great. Was life changing, go look at her name in the group and see what else she has complained about. Then go look at her profile. Are you looking at an overweight woman, an obese one because some women think that's okay. That is all that they know like where my mother lives. Everyone is fat. And so they think that's okay. I don't wanna be fat. I wanna be lean. It's not just aesthetics, but when women get older and just by the fact of getting older and being menopause women, if we do not take action to maintain our lean muscle, not only through our menu, but through supplementation and resistance training, you are going to become feeble old woman. Now, will I become an old woman? Yes, I cannot stop the clock, but will I be a feeble woman? No. My promise to you is that I will show you how to go from being a mature woman to a senior woman without becoming an old woman. You know, that connotation we have of old women, nobody believes I'm 55 years old. I don't feel 55. I don't look 55. I'm athletic. I fear no physical activity. I can lift heavy things. I can do 30 pushups. I can run down the block. I do hip thrusts with a hundred and I wanna my up to 160 pounds. I do four days a week. I always start my workouts with hip thrusters. I started with 90 pounds. I'm up to 160 pounds and seven months now. And that's just the warm up and I really love doing them. And so, you know, if these things appeal to you, join my membership. The way you can get started, understanding how I help women. I like you to start with the first book, how to get your best body over 50, without dieting counting calories suffering or taking H R T. And you can get this I have made it very simple for you. And it's only$7. This is an introductory online book and mini course. I give you a lot of information in there. That's going to get you understanding. What does it mean to look at your metabolics? Because that is the key to managing and thus mastering your miserable menopause symptoms. Thank you so much for listening to my podcast. Please subscribe. Leave me a review. That would be fantastic. And go to master to see how I can help you.