Menopause Fockery

Who The Hell Am I To Be Your Menopause Mentor?

May 18, 2022 Gianna Miceli
Menopause Fockery
Who The Hell Am I To Be Your Menopause Mentor?
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If you want to go from a mature woman to a senior woman without becoming and OLD woman, then listen to what I teach, and get a personalized metabolic health consult.

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I don't know anyone else who is a "menopause expert", trying to help women conquer this all naturally without giving up happiness and fun in their lives.

At 55 years old, I am known as a disruptor and thought-leader to 1000's of gorgeous women across the globe.

I’m also the author of five books and three "booklets"  that fully explain menopause misery and what's causing It, that doctors will NEVER tell you.

Which is why I created "The Menopause Weight Loss Library".

I'm a certified holistic detoxing health specialist, and a metabolic genius.

What is now a world class consulting empire, with clients in South Africa, Jordan, Canada, & the UK, began as a Facebook group that I created in early 2014 to inspire and empower other women to embrace a med free menopause.

How did I even end up in this unusual consulting career? I got fat, sick, and tired!

Text the word MENO to 561-220-1833

Text the word MENO to 561-220-1833 to get information about my MOST AWESOME way that I use my MENOPAUSE DETECTIVE skills to find EXACTLY what's keeping you from losing fat and what's is the ROOT CAUSE of your menopause misery.

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Speaker 1:

Who the hell am I to be your menopause expert today? I'm gonna tell you exactly that. The first thing I wanna disclose to you is that one of my hobbies and extreme passions is studying the common law and in the common law community, one must operate under honor, meaning that everything we do is under honor, do no harm I could not ever speak about or sell anything that I do not believe in to the core of my soul. If I'm in a business, dealing with someone, it has to always be honorable, which means honest, under full disclosure, things like that. So based on that, I never ever want to waste someone's time listening to me. So every now and then I have to do a podcast to tell my story. It's not gonna be like a whole story. That is another podcast. But if it's your first time here, I wanna do a little touch base about who I am. I'm completely transparent about who I am and what I contribute to the world. My podcast has been blowing up since December, since I changed the name to menopause fuckery. And it was, you know, it was fuckery if you've been around for a while, but I had to clean it up for Google and for my publicist. But from the feedback I'm getting, women are totally getting the point of what fery means. And they're telling me that they thought I would be truthful to them, which I am. I operate in honor. So it means the world to me that the audience has that impression of me because I operate in honor. So today I'm gonna tell you who I am and what do I sell exactly. And who is the right client for me? Like who is the right woman who wants to continue listening to this and maybe delve into some of my other podcasts, especially if you're suffering from what you perceive to be menopause misery. So I never set out to be a menopause expert. I don't think that even exists in any way. I was a very successful private hair, extension stylist in New York city and Las Vegas. And in fact, I used to be Britney Spears, wig stylist for her Las Vegas show pieces of me back like 2014. But as I turned from 40 to 41, I became fat, sick and tired. And I saw five doctors over four years and nobody could tell me what was wrong with me, but boy, did they wanna put me on a lot of drugs? I questioned them, Hey, what will these do for me? And they had no answer. And I had labs done as most of you probably did as well. And as they were explaining the labs to me, I could just tell that when they were telling me what you know was supposedly going on, they were insecure in their information and some of them were flat outlying. The worst they had to say about my labs was that my progesterone was low. And I believe I was about 43. The first time I had that lab done to that, I respond, cuz you may have heard it too. Of course it's low. My body knows I'm running out of eggs. There's a big difference between low and lower. Now, when your body knows you're running out of eggs, which it does, you are in very menopause. You will no longer need the amount of estrogen required to set up the uterine lining in case of conception. And so you will no longer need the amount of progesterone you used to need to sweep that uterine lining away, which gave you a monthly cycle. It has absolute purpose. So it's complete. When doctors tell you that you are low, there is literally almost no woman in the United States of America and the UK and Canada and Australia and the westernized countries that are low in estrogen. The women that might be low are elderly women who are like weak and thin and fragile and feeble. You might overweight, menopause. Women are not lacking in estrogen. In fact, your estrogen dominant and you know this now you still need estrogen and progesterone for things, but not as much as you used to. And the backup system for producing that estrogen and progesterone, once your ovaries shut down and you're no longer reproductive are your adrenals. And this is where the real problem is a lifestyle of stress, a daily coffee habit of caffeine, red bull energy drinks, seven 11 colored drinks, food, sugar, and running. And overschedule lifestyle has compromised. Your adrenals throw in this daily coffee, drip on your central nervous system, which is what it does. And that will make your central nervous system pulse out cortisol, which seeks out progesterone to calm it down. But now you're making too much cortisol at a time when your progesterone is winding down and your adrenals are stealing what little progesterone you have and that's leaving you in a state of estrogen dominance, no wonder you are fat, sick and tired. And what a doctors wanna do put you on hormone replacement therapy, which is more estrogen and more progesterone and the diagnosis for what your dose should be is very complex depending on your lifestyle. And if you smoke and what other meds you want and if you're fat and your history, and it's all a bunch of, it's really as simple as what I just told you, it's your adrenals not working optimally and your adrenals and your thyroid and your liver and your hormones are all connected like a symphony orchestra. So when one is out of tune, they're all out of tune and you are fat, sick and tired. It's simply physiology and the American medical association and the national menopause society, which I always have to laugh. When I say their name and the Rockefeller pharmaceutical cartel puts out propaganda that women need their meds to go through what is a perfectly natural life transition because they pray on vulnerable women, such as yourself to create customers for life case in point Gwyneth Paltro Cameron Diaz and drew Barrymore just invested in a menopause startup. And what does this startup do? It connects women to clinicians and prescription drugs. They raise 28 and a half million dollars. And so you're going to be able to go on an app and go online because they're going to convince you that you need this in order to go through menopause. So it's called ever now founded in 2019 by Alicia Jackson. And it offers access to hormone therapies such as estrogen pills and patches out well as non-hormonal options and other resources in its most popular subscription plan is priced at$129 a month. And I have to laugh because I am gonna show you that everything about this is a nutritional need and not an external synthetic hormone or even B H R T need. So in a nutshell, what I just told you about your adrenals throw in a clogged liver, a starving thyroid, a wrong body pH and a sedentary lifestyle. And it's no wonder that one in four women are on antidepressants and one in eight women has or will have what doctors refer to as a thyroid disorder. I hate that name disorder disorder is anything they can't explain. And every disorder I can explain from a lack of nutrition or over toxicity. And here's one more fascinating nugget. The top five symptoms of Hashimotos are the same top five symptoms of menopause, which are also the same top five symptoms. When you lack this one simple mineral that your thyroid needs to work optimally, as you probably know, your thyroid runs your metabolism, your metabolism determines how fat you are. Your thyroid also runs your Menes. So if you have a bum thyroid, because you are not feeding it, the correct nutrition, it's very logical that it could be causing you. What you think is menopause misery. So don't believe the that you have a thyroid disorder. Your thyroid requires very specific vitamins and minerals to work. Optimally. If you've been told by your doctor that you have a disorder and you have to take meds, you should definitely join my menopause mentoring weight loss program, and see how to fix that at the root cause. Because once you start taking these thyroid meds, which come from pigs, or they're synthetic your own body ceases to produce your own thyroid hormones, which are very complex and wouldn't, you want your own body to work the way mother nature intended it to. So take this plus all of the now 40 symptoms, they allege are the fault of the menopause transition. And they all fall under the umbrella of your body lacking the micronutrition. It needs plus insert and over toxicity, which is blocking the hormone communications. Now I'm giving you the broad strokes. The further details are inside my menopause weight loss course. If you're a person that needs to know these details so that you will believe me, believe me, I have all of this backed up in the course, and it will make a tremendous amount of logical sense to you. None of this means that you should go on a plant based diet. That is total too. When I refer to micronutrition, it means that your body requires very specific nutrients to work. As it's supposed to work, they do different things. The, the protein in cottage cheese is not the same protein in Turkey. It's not the same protein in eggs. It's not the same protein in B. So if you're seeing a nutritionist that says, oh, you should have X amount of grams of protein per day, and you are, you know, free to choose any protein cause there's protein in wheat bread. Maybe you're gonna log that into an online app. And it's gonna count towards your protein. That does not mean that that protein is usable and utilized and going to work like it's supposed to. You now know more than your doctor who went to school for 12 years. And I'm 12 minutes into this podcast because in 2016, a John Hopkins survey of 5,000 OB GYNs found that only 20% of them had any so-called menopause training, which only means that a drug rep told them to push H RT. And the other 80% of the respondents said, and I quote, they weren't comfortable dealing with women in menopause because everyone's been programmed to believe that is this some disorder. It's some disease. It's some time that requires medical attention. It's very true that they don't know what they're doing. Cuz you've been to doctors. I'll tell you some stories later on, I've been to doctors. They do not know. Would you want either of those doctors to be your doctor? I know that I wouldn't. And in fact my knowledge has enabled me to fire my doctors for good. There is literally almost nothing. I would probably see a doctor for I'll take it on a case by case basis, but I'm 55 years old. I'm not on any meds. And my labs are flawless. I have zero medical complaints. Now, just this week, a woman told me that she went to her internist and it cost her$2,100 out of her pocket. And all the internist did was give her a prescription for Xanax and on what planet would that help? Anything that has to do with menopause. She was supposed to then go to an endocrinologist for, that's gonna be another five, 600, maybe a thousand dollars, depending on where you live and go get her labs. Now I'll tell you ladies, you can get your labs, but you don't really need your labs. You know, if you're not feeling well and that things are not, you know, I balanced and out of order and you can operate fixing these via your symptoms. You don't really need to take these labs, but by all means, if you feel you should go get your labs and get a baseline. Now I'm the broad, yes, I'm abroad. I'm the broad, that is never going to be in what I call middle aged front. And another woman told me this week that she went to see her gynecologist and the gynecologist told her, and I quote, this is just your new post menopause weight set point. That simply will never be accepted by me. I will not live that life. That I desire being fat and being a weight that makes me very uncomfortable. And when I was fat, I was so fat that I was not only fat. I was sick. I was tired and I could barely work. So how could I take care of myself financially? How could I have the lifestyle that I wanted? So this was a problem that I absolutely had to solve. And after seeing five doctors and going on an Ugh, just a humiliating obesity, medical weight, loss plan, and spending over$18,000. And none of those things helped me lose one ounce. I finally had to take matters into my own hands. So today it's 14 years later, I have my own online weight loss program. And it's an all natural menopause plan. That is one of a kind and along with that is a monthly mentorship membership to help women implement what I teach them and support them along the journey. If you do what I say in my program, you will 100% lose weight and feel great because we are getting to the root cause of your specific weight loss blocks, your specific hormone imbalance and your specific metabolics. And while it's great to look good in a bikini and a pair of shorts. For me, what's even more important to me is that as I transition from a mature woman, I would be considered a mature woman at 55 and one day I'm gonna be a senior woman. I don't know what age that will be, but I really don't foresee being much different than I am today. But at some point that may happen. It doesn't mean that I have to then become an old woman. To me maintaining my lean muscle and mobility is the absolute, most important thing in the entire world. I will not go to a nursing home ever. And so it was during my time sitting by the side of the Britney Spears stage, cuz once I put her hair on, I had nothing to do until the show was over. I brought my computer and I, I had started to fix this and I was really getting in my groove and figuring it all out that I got the idea to share what I learned about the fraud of medically treated menopause and the misery of menopause. And the more I shared in groups, the more I saw the need for this information. And then very organically, I have evolved into what I have today, which is this program and what I call a library because I have, what is it like five books? And I think another five, what I'd call booklets that handle all the topics of women's menopause questions. Even if you're a postmenopause woman in struggling with the alleged menopause symptoms, but mostly it's the weight gain because you are different than you were in your thirties. You're different than you were in your twenties. And when your 50 you're different than your forties changes have happened to your body and you have to eat for the change that happened to you. Now, I figured all this out already. It took me many, many years. It took four years to get the initial information and I have never stopped researching and checking. And I'm like, my God, I can't be this right. I can't be this right. And all these doctors are wrong, but I sit before you today, 14 years into my research. And let me tell you I'm right. I have this all already figured out for you. So now that my podcast is blowing up, I'm getting haters, which means I must be doing something fabulous because if you're not polarizing, then you're doing nothing. So this one woman listened to my podcast and then somewhere I' I might have mentioned the pandemic. I don't really talk about the pandemic, but I know this was a planned pandemic. And you know, I'm not here to debate that with anyone. You can think what you think. This is what I know. I don't think it, I know it. And she then made the decision somewhere that I'm a Trump supporter, which I don't really talk politics in my podcast because I really don't recall that I've ever mentioned Trump, but maybe she went searching and I have posted somewhere or she might look at my Facebook likes and see that I might like conservative pages, but she was so triggered by this, that she took the time to go to my website where I have my business text messaging phone number. And she blasted me for saying the pandemic was fake and for liking Trump. And she said, you to me. And she said, I'm unprofessional. And I lost a potential customer. Now I am a supporter of freedom. I am not a supporter of particular political people. I mean, we all vote. We do what we do. We do localize things, but I am for freedom because I study the common law. And I hope in this podcast, you're getting the vibe that I want the government out of my business. And the government has now, especially since the pandemic has taken over our healthcare system more than it did even before, because your doctor has probably had his practice purchased by a corporate entity. And so he now has to, he or she has to work under the rules of the corporation. And even though we have HIPAA laws, it doesn't mean that you actually have any personal privacy. I want the government out of my business. I want the government out of my bank account. And I want the government out of my body. I support the people that support our rights come from God and not to the government. Now I've been online since 2002. And every time someone has said that they, oh, I lost a customer because of something. I said, they were never going to be a customer anyway. So queen Mary Lou, if you're listening too bad for you, that you are so psychotic that you would still struggle and suffer with your misery because you have this perception of, you know, my political opinions. So it would be impossible to be me and into the way that I research health. And remember I study the common law, which means I study our God given rights. So I'm all over the way our freedoms were taken away the last two years. And especially if you go to the doctor the way you are classified and what's written about you and it's in, you know, your quote, unquote your file forever. The way they do it is despicable. And you probably don't know this, but the passing of Obamacare was actually the passing of what the UN the United nations is promoting as universal healthcare. And now they have access to your medical records. Okay, go ahead and look it up. So ladies, if freedom offends you as it did my hater this week, then please do not waste your time listening to me anymore and turn off this podcast. And I wish you all the best. And then again, this week I had two women purchase my introductory course, which is$7 and then ask for refunds for the first time ever. Someone's asked me for a refund and that's no problem. I refund. It's the law that I refund you. And remember it's honorable, but I like to hear your reasons why. So one woman said, oh, I made an impulse pur you made an impulse purchase that you actually had to go to master And I would assume you read the page, which is very brief. And you understood that you are buying a mini course and book, but okay, you said you made an impulse purchase and you purchased a course that said how to get your best body over 50, even in menopause, without dieting, counting, calories, suffering or HRT. That is the name of my introductory mini course. And she said, well, I thought you would give supplement recommendations. Well, I do do that when you buy the weight loss program, when you take the metabolic analysis and when you become a member of my monthly program, because then we will have met, we will have had a conversation and then I will do what's best for you. I will advise you based on your individual needs. And then the other gal said to me, well, she thought I would be giving a list of supplements for menopause and recipes. Now, nowhere does it say I will do that. Or in my membership, I absolutely have a menu for menopause that helps you lose weight. It helps you lower your insulin, lower your estrogen and lower your cortisol because that's what it's gonna take for you to lose this menopause weight. And I have a book of delicious food suggestions. And then every Sunday I post a new, fantastic recipe in the membership. And this is the best part of this woman who asked for her refund. She schooled me and she said that she would happily pay$50 for a good book and$10 for an app program. But that what I offer is quote, unquote, outrageous, you know, to which I replied. Thanks. But you have no say in limiting my income and then she replied back. Well, you asked and yeah, I'm not offended. Queen entitled. I'm not offended by your comments. In fact, I'm pretty much not offended by anything. I am a self-made person who operates in honor, and I have zero shame in what I sell and do to help women. And in fact, it was discussing today with someone not only do I help women, but when I help a woman, especially a married woman, especially a mother, who's a woman. I mean a woman, who's a mother. I am saving her life, her marriage, her income, and her family from breaking up. So I am very proud of what I do. In fact, I have husbands who thank me and I have husbands who see me places on social and tell their wives about me. And I have husbands who write to me mostly on LinkedIn. And they say, please, friend, my wife, I want my best friend back. They miss you. And even today I had a conversation with a lady that realized she was having this completely ridiculously stupid fight with her husband because she was irrational from her hormones. And so that's when she's like, maybe I need to look at this. Maybe this is menopause. So who is looking for me? And what do I sell? Exactly. The woman who is looking for me is the woman who is simply not going to accept a life living in a fat, tired, ugly body. Now, if you're okay being fat, then all that matters is that you are okay with it. I am not. I was not okay with it. And the women who joined my membership do not want to be fat either. In fact, when I was fat, it was the most miserable time of my life. Not only did I feel that I was ugly beyond ugly, but I couldn't stand that when I bent down to tie my shoes that I had just this big belly squishing up while I did it. And if I ran my belly and my boobs were bouncing up and down out of control, I mean, it was hard to get into exercise cuz you've just got all this fat bouncing up and down. I can't stand fat, wiggly, bingo arms. I can't stand that. My wardrobe was so limited to black stretchy things, but I mostly couldn't stand that my energy was gone, that I had to live every single day. Completely exhausted. My incredible sex in the city lifestyle was destroyed. I did not feel sexy or sexual. When anyone looking at me, I didn't want anyone touching me. And it cost me a relationship because I was so miserable. So some women listen to one podcast and love what I have to say and want more of my help and my information. And if you're that gal, you can go to master and there you will find a$7 introductory course called how to get your best body over 50, even in menopause, without dieting, counting, calories, suffering or RT. What it is is that I share everything I did and everything I still do today. A decade after my last period and at 55, my body and my health are on fire. Now, since last December, I started to be very bold and say, I look and feel amazing because I just can't believe I'm 55. And when I look it back when I was 41, how amazing that I do look, and I never thought this was possible because you know, you're 41, you're 45, you're 50, but I'm 55. I'm halfway through the decade. And I'm like, my God, I look and feel amazing. I'm very happy with how I look, do not confuse my confidence with arrogance. No one ever believes that I'm 55 and I don't seek out anything to make myself look young. Like I have a friend that's completely obsessed with everything you could possibly do to your face to look young. I don't think she needs any of this stuff. I don't believe in Botox, no judgment. It's not for me. I don't believe in serums. I don't believe in taking collagen. You can get your own body to make its own collagen because the collagen you consume and like, you know, like a supplement, doesn't go to work in your body. Like your own collagen would that you can create. So if you're gonna spend any money on a collagen supplement, spend money on a supplement, that's going to make your body make its own collagen. And yes, I have that supplement inside my menopause supplement store. Now I've studied physiology and it's in my nutrition that my youthful appearance is the result of my daily choices. Then there are women who listen to multiple podcasts and wanna know how I can help them lose weight so they can look and feel amazing also. So after you go to master, you purchase the$7. Introductory course, you are gonna reach a page that will offer you my entire menopause weight loss program and my entire library of information, which is books and online courses. You get instant access to it and you will know everything that I know after 14 years of research. Now these are online courses that you do at your own pace. And I also offer a physical book. If you prefer to have it laid out in black and white, you don't wanna go online and you can hold an actual book in your hand, if you cruise my podcast topics, you will probably have any question you could possibly think of has already been answered. But if you don't see that it is feel free to text me and I'll answer you, whatever is the all natural solution and get to the root cause of your specific misery that you wanna know about. You can text me anytime at 5 6 1 2, 2 0 18 33. And ask me any question you want to. So a few days ago, a woman listened to one podcast. She said she liked what she heard. She specifically said it resonated with her. And then she texted me the sentence. I'd like more information. Okay. So I replied back good morning as it was 7:00 AM my time on a Sunday morning. And I asked her, Hey, where did you get this number? She said, she went to master So she went to the page. She saw the headline or one could clearly assume she read it as it's a very short page, but instead of springing for seven bucks, for more information, as she wanted, she used her time and energy to ask me for more information, which is completely illogical. So I said that to her. Why didn't you just buy the course? She replied, well, I've tried everything and nothing worked. And I wanted to see what you have to offer. Well, it's presented on the page, master It's very clear what the minicourse will teach you. And you can have all that for$7. And because this queen didn't get what she wanted, which not only knows what she expected would transpire via text at 7:00 AM on a Sunday morning, she's spent the next hour blasting the nastiest things to me. Like I wronged her because she didn't get what she wanted, which many women want to be spoon fed the information. I had another lady just join my program. I had to kick her out because she just kept texting me all day long. Like we were BFF, which I'm happy to be your BFF. But every question you have has already been answered inside the online course. So go there first. And if there's any questions that are not answered, then let's text message. And I can't text message you all day long. I have many other responsibilities in my world. So what we also do is you can text message me and I will answer you when I can, which is usually very quickly. Or you can send an email. And every Thursday, if you are in the membership, you can come to our Thursday. Zoom calls, the 4:00 PM cent, uh, 4:00 PM, Pacific 7:00 PM. Eastern. You will see other ladies having success in the program. You can get your question answered there. I always have a sort of monologue where I continue teaching, cuz I know you might be overwhelmed with the information at first and it might take a good month before it sort of permeates your brain and you get into your new groove and then you're going to be on your way to losing weight and feeling great. You're going to look and feel amazing. So if you're this woman that thinks she tried every single thing she could think of to lose weight, but nothing worked like the queen. Then you are the woman that I absolutely can help because you've never addressed your metabolics. And neither has your doctor. Your doctor has never asked you, Hey, how do you eat? What do you eat? What are your macros? What's your body's pH? How is your micronutrition? But if you're an entitled queen who thinks I should give you my knowledge for free, then you are not the woman for me. I operate as a woman of honor. And if you wanna work with me, I expect you to be a woman of honor as well. I sell a quality service and product for a fantastic price. If you're ready to make a life change and get your menopause makeover, if you wanna lose weight and feel amazing, then go to master to get started. Master Thank you so much for listening to this podcast.