Menopause Fockery

Three Reasons You're Struggling To Lost Fat Plus Big Announcement!

March 05, 2022 Gianna Miceli
Menopause Fockery
Three Reasons You're Struggling To Lost Fat Plus Big Announcement!
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If you want to go from a mature woman to a senior woman without becoming and OLD woman, then listen to what I teach, and join my mentoring program today.

You will not regret it!

I don't know anyone else who is a "menopause expert", trying to help women conquer this all naturally without giving up happiness and fun in their lives.

At 55 years old, I am known as a disruptor and thought-leader to 1000's of gorgeous women across the globe.

I’m also the author of five books and three "booklets"  that fully explain menopause misery and what's causing It, that doctors will NEVER tell you.

Which is why I created "The Menopause Weight Loss Library".

I'm a certified holistic detoxing health specialist, and a metabolic genius.

What is now a world class consulting empire, with clients in South Africa, Jordan, Canada, & the UK, began as a Facebook group that I created in early 2014 to inspire and empower other women to embrace a med free menopause.

How did I even end up in this unusual consulting career? I got fat, sick, and tired! 

Speaker 1:

Hello. It's Jan Macelli and I haven't done a podcast for a while because I have been very busy doing something fabulous for you, for you. My ladies, if you are a gal who is asking yourself, why am I getting fat? Why am I exhausted? And then why am I tired all day, go awake all night. And what the freak, why am I having hot flesh as well? You have found the right gal to answer these questions and you are in the right place. I don't wanna go into my story in every podcast, but in case it's your first one real quick. When I turned 40, I looked amazing. By the time I was 41, I was overweight , but more than the weight was that I was just fat, sick and tired. And I started to go to doctors, diets trainers. I did what everybody thinks is normal to do, and nobody had any answers. And the doctors answers were all. We're gonna put you on H R T oh, you can't lose weight. Here's some thyroid meds, even though your labs are normal. Hey, you want to lose weight? Take Fent meme . Oh, you need some help with that. Take some Metformin, cuz it'll help with your blood sugar. Oh, and you're going into menopause. You need Wellbutrin . Well, I'm depressed. Not because of menopause. I am depressed because I am fat, sick and tired. And now I'm angry because doctors have no answers. And so that catapulted into deeply, deeply ply researching the physiology for every one of my symptoms. Because when I asked doctors, what will this do for me? They had no answers. And I came to discover that with most drugs with doctors, they could never really look you in the eye and say, this is going to do this for you. Basically. They're throwing at the wall, especially with the HRT. It's very complex and it has a risk of cancer. They are lying when they tell you it doesn't, they are lying to you. And I'm gonna get into that in a little bit. But basically they throw at the wall and you're are supposed to take these drugs and then come back and tell them how they did. So I'm going to be 55 in two weeks. So I've been at this for 14 years. I have been professionally helping mentor women through an all natural menopause and weight loss for a long time. So I've seen a lot of ladies and I am, are familiar with the similarities and the differences. And you can go in these menopause groups on Facebook and they'll be everybody's different. Well, not really. I mean, we are in our metabolics, but basically the reproductive system works the same. So I wanna ask you to think about a couple of things for you to, to decide if you wanna continue to listen to my podcasts. Mostly when you go to a doctor, they say, let's test your hormones. You don't need your hormones tested because you're already a mess. You already know what the answer's going to be. And if you think the answer is in drugs, I wanna ask you this. So I think most women know that women are born with a certain amount of eggs for reproduction. Let's say it's 400. I think that's the average. Your body knows your running out of eggs. And that is why you go into per menopause. And menopause is the cessation of your ovaries releasing any eggs, the entire purpose of estrogen and progesterone. The estrogen sets up the uterine lining in case you conceive. And then when you don't the progesterone sweeps it away. And yes, they have some minuscule other purposes, but basically that's the purpose. So as you are no longer reproductive, you don't need as much estrogen and progesterone as you used to. So when you get these tests done, the doctor will say, oh, you're low. Well, low and lower are not the same thing. Of course you're lower . Your body knows you are running out of eggs. And they created these tests and the way they interpret these tests, which are actually based on the quote unquote , norm of women, 18 to 80, which makes no sense. And when things make no sense, my brain check out and I've gotta go find what's the real story here. What are they lying to me about? Because they are lying. So through this, I have become an author and a speaker and a podcaster. And dare I say a beauty mentor to women over 40. And my zone of genius is reversing and preventing our Jewish menopause. And that is like a whole decade of your life. And so if women live on average to 75 to 80, you're talking about 12 to 15% of your life is gonna be in this timeframe. And you don't have to be as miserable as you probably are right now. So what we wanna go looking for is what's blocking your metabolics. Now your metabolics is everything that happens from the moment you put food in your mouth and it exits your body. Everything that your organs do are your metabolics, your thyroid, your liver, your kidneys, your intestines, your digestive system, all of that is the metabolics. And in a nutshell, you have a miserable menopause experience, not solely because your estrogen and progesterone is dropping, but that your metabolics are not prepared for that because we have terrible food habits. We are over and undated with toxins. We have glyphosate, we have poor soil. So, you know, it's just not what it used to be a hundred years ago. And there's things that you need to do now to combat those things. And so I'm the author of five books. Why American women are so fat, sick, tired, and angry, and the menopause weight loss masterclass, 10 stupid things women do to create menopause misery the truth about H RT and B H R T. And my latest book is how I lost 40 pounds forever in menopause without ever taking risky H RT without dieting, counting calories or suffering. And the, the truth is that the medical industry plays poker with menopause. They're totally bluffing that these prescriptions are gonna help you. No doctor can ever look you in the eye and promise you that any prescription will ever help you now because of what I learned, I play chess. I'm five move of ahead of it because of my menu. And I have mastered balancing hormones through food and supplements. I look and feel amazing every single day. I don't ever have a bad day. I don't ever have a day that I'm tired because I get consistent REM sleep. And so what I wanna talk to you about today in this podcast is introducing you to what I've been doing for the last like six weeks is taking everything that I know. And I created what I call the menopause fuckery library. So my five books are in this library and I've got four other like mini books. In addition to the books, I have created many courses that go with each of them to show you what menopause fuckery actually is. And so what it is is like the medical industry, which is the pharmaceutical industry, which is the Rockefeller foundation that took over the whole industry in the 1930s. Because once they knew they could make pharmaceuticals, they wanted to sell 'em to every person on the planet. And if you haven't been paying attention for the last two years in the pandemic, they want every human being on the planet vaccinated, whether you need it or not, and they wanna give it to you every year, whether you needed or not, which is the biggest transfer of wealth that's ever happened in the entire history of the universe. I'm not gonna go talk about that though, but I think you're probably awake if you've made it here, menopause being labeled like a condition or a disease. If we look at the word DISE , DISE , okay. So we were having some DISE , but it's not a disease in the traditional way that we think about it. But the medical community has been brainwashed and taken over. And then they pay people to make articles and books and they pay off doctors. And trust me, they do this to put out information to you, you, the regular ladies of the world to believe that you need a medical plan. Now , number one, I'm living proof that not only is everything they say, complete, my books and my courses. I am a thousand percent positive will convince you of that. And I'm a thousand percent positive that even women who get hysterectomies do not need these fake hormones because the body is set up so beautifully that there is a backup system when the ovaries shut down. So even though the ovaries may be shut down abruptly and naturally, and that's a whole nother topic I could do. I think I do have a podcast about the hysterectomy industry in the United States of America, which really was the reason that I began sharing this information that I discovered because it's Aho to me, that women talk about getting hysterectomy. Like it's going to the dentist. I mean, stop your. Fibroids are not cancer. They're pre-cancer, but they're not cancer. And you can do something about them. And we'll get into that another time. But what I wanna talk to you about today is my first book. That's the introduction to the menopause fuckery library is called the secrets to getting your best body over 50, even in menopause, without dieting, counting calories or suffering. And this book will open your eyes to the eight let's call them like eight reasons, eight triggers, eight things that you have never looked at as to why you're struggling to lose weight when you're over 40 and your doctor has never addressed these. And I'm gonna just talk about three of them, because this book is $7 and it probably takes 30 minutes to read. Maybe less. Most people think it's about calories in versus calories out. And when these so-called trainers talk about that, kick them out. You know, they don't know what the they're talking about. That is just one component you when you're younger, but it's no guarantee of weight loss, especially when you're over 40. And you're a woman heading into menopause. And I bet you've tried these, you've tried doing cardio. You're working out like crazy. You, you don't like it. Number one, I mean, nobody wants to spend an hour of their life doing things they don't like, but more so nothing is happening. And there's reasons why nothing is happening that are explained in my books and my classes and my courses. You must address your metabolics. And this is what happened to me. It took me four years to lose that 40 pounds. And the reason was because I met this amazing woman whose name. I don't even remember that we were just having a conversation about how hard it was to lose weight. She's like, oh, you need to do this, this and this. And I had never heard of what she was talking about, but I did what she told me to do in the first week I lost seven pounds and it was the first time I had seen the needle on the scale move in four years, I was lucky that I was able to cap my 40 pounds because as that scale went up, like every week when it got to 180, which I don't mean to offend anybody, but 180 is way the too much for me. I was like, oh my God, I just cannot believe I weigh this much. One 40 is the good weight for me. The , my gorgeous weight. I am skinny at one 40, but then again, I'm five foot eight. So that works for me. And right now I don't want women to focus on that number because I could be one 40 fat or I could be one 40 and lean in muscular and take up less space. So that's not an issue now, but we all have a number in our head that we would like to be by, but I don't want you to make it the end all be all . So you must address your metabolics, which are your digestion, your liver, your hormones, and your thyroid. Now your thyroid is connected to and affected by the estrogen and the progesterone drop, but not in the way that you think it is. And not in the way these stupid doctors tell you to. I'm gonna go into the first three things that are in the book. There's eight in total. A huge, huge, common reason that women are struggling to lose weight is because they have Canada and yeast and fungus in their intestines. And they don't even know it. And this per hernia, it's the gut lining. And the gut is the hormone control center. It's good to have a little, and there is good bacteria. But when there is overgrowth of bad bacteria, it causes serious health issues. And almost every woman has this issue who is struggling to lose fat. The Canada feeds off sugar and gives you sugar cravings. And it thrives in warm environments in the body, which is why we unfortunately get yeast infections in our naughty parts, not our naughty parts. You know what I mean? In our private parts that are just a big pain in the. There's the catalytic effect of this. So it causes sugar cravings and then thyroid function begins to decrease. So what if you tackled this one issue and got rid of your Canada and your thyroid improved when thyroid conditions and disease right now are epidemic in women over 40, and you may not have a defective thyroid. You may have Canada and you may not be feeding it. The three imperative, vitamins and minerals that it needs to work. Optimally, your thyroid needs to be fed, right? And it has to be in the right body pH to work optimally. And what are doctors doing? They're just giving you prescriptions without ever knowing how are you eating and what is going on with, with your candid . And this is why they're. Now, as the Canada starts to die off, it releases up to 80 different types of toxins in your body. And the toxins can get absorbed in your fatty tissue as the protective mechanism. And then the body keeps those toxins in fat cells. So it does not release them into the bloodstream and your fat. Now your body is always working to protect your organs. And this is one of the ways that it is done. And you end up with that visceral fat that encompasses your belly. Number two, the second root cause of you being fat, that you don't know about is toxicity. Now, the best way to detox is to just stop eating toxins. But most people don't even know that they're consuming them. When you remove them and consume a specific weight loss, anti-inflammatory eating plan. Watch your body reveal a sexy natural physique with ease. And this is the key to balancing your blood sugar, your insulin, cutting down cravings and providing your liver with the raw materials. It needs to optimally detoxify you. So while you're ready to make this happen, but body may not be set up to do this detoxing. You could feel much worse long before you feel better. So it isn't just something you can jump into. And what I teach is how to prepare your body for this. We focus on building lean muscle while burning fat consecutively, and it's not happening in the gym. It's happening in the kitchen. And this is something almost no nutritionist has ever heard of like basic nutritionist. Like think that if you are supposed to get a hundred grams of protein in a day, that a piece of wheat bread and an egg and cottage cheese, that all those proteins are equal and they're not. And so this is what occurs with stubborn fat. The kind of fat we're talking about is the fat that won't budge, no matter how much you try to get this because it's in little fat suitcases. So there is a process to getting your body prepared and then detoxing. And then the fat cells can leave. Now, in my menopause membership, I have a very specific liquid mineral formula that helps eliminate Canada quickly. And I like to say, it's like sending in the firefighters to put out the fire. And once you get it into your system, your sugar cravings will be less intense, less frequent. And you begin to feel like yourself. Again, you decrease the Canada, you decrease the toxins in your fat cells, which will ultimately decrease that hard visceral fat that it's so difficult to lose. And number three, the third root cause of you being fat is your thyroid. Now the thyroid has a very big job. The hormones, its secretes help maintain a healthy heart rate, maintain healthy skin, control your mens. Respirate every cell, your body and play a crucial role in your metabolism. That is more important than ever when you're over 40. And when the gland is sluggish, it will allow your body to become fat, sick and tired, which is what happened to me, which is probably what happened to you. And I was prescribed low doses antibiotics for nine years. No wonder I was riddled with Canada . So you may have been told, oh, you have a thyroid condition. Take Synthroid , take armor , blah, blah, blah. But the condition is really that you have not fed your thyroid, the three essential ingredients. It needs and essential aminos and the nutrition required for it to function. And your body has to be in the right pH for the thyroid to work. Optimally. I test perfectly in the middle, every single. And I do that because of the food and the supplements that I consume, I test perfect every single day. So in order to support proper thyroid function, you've gotta provide it with the nutritional it needs. And this is what I teach in the menopause weight loss master class , which is now available in the menopause fuckery library that you can get right now you can get started in That's how you can get this first book, or if you're ready to just get everything, you can go to join and join my $19 a month. Mentorship that will give you admission to the library and you can pick and choose what books and courses you want, or you can buy the whole freaking thing. And I suggest you buy the whole freaking thing and spend the next month of your life, reading the books and implementing what I recommend so that you can no longer have to worry about being fat, sick , and tired for the of your life. This library is so amazing. I'm so proud of it. When I think about when I was fat, sick and tired, oh my God. Oh my God. I wish I found this information. And honestly, I don't know anyone else who has this information because I look at all these gals teaching Al and from the top of my head, mostly they're old ladies and they're just regurgitating the from the north American menopause society, which is, oh, eat less and work out more. And I wanna ask you the woman listening to this right now, can you eat less and workout more? No , you're tired. And you're starving already. And you're confused and you don't know what to eat and you don't know what to do. So if you would like to learn how to fix this all naturally and not have to deal with meds. And if you are against meds, you are in the right place. I'm totally against meds. You are not medicine deficient. You are either nutritionally, dared and over toxic . And basically you're a combination of both. And you need to address these problems from the root cause. So when you join the monthly menopause membership, we're gonna have an introductory phone call. We're gonna meet each other. You're gonna fill out a health consult . So I could know exactly know on a scale of one to 10, how up are you? And I can guide you that way. And then you're going to see what the plan is. You're gonna see the supplements that I use. You're gonna see how to perform your own metabolic analysis, which takes a week. And you do it from the comfort of your own home. You're going to be shown you don't need doctors for this. Doctors are just gonna drag you down. No doctor has said, oh, what do you eat? Let me look at your macronutrients. What's your protein utilization rate. They don't know any of this and they don't care about it. And they're not addressing your gut health and they're not addressing the root cause . So I think I've talked enough today. If this interests you, you can get the . Either way that you decide to go, it's gonna introduce to the menopause library. And I give you 30 days to try it out. And if you don't like it, you can get your money back. So go to either of those websites, master or join . I prefer you go to join and you jump right in. Let's get on the call. Let's have you take the consult and let's get you started today. The whole thing could start today. If you are really ready to change your life and stop making excuses. Now, this did not happen to you. Like it's your own fault because you didn't know the information I'm gonna share with you, but you are the only person who can fix it. And the only way fix it is by changing and addressing what you eat. Thank you so much for listening, please like, and share and leave me a review. It helps my algorithm to help more women just like you.